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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Purchased Taigun Highline 1.0 AT in November 2021. Got a Call from VW SA for free replacement of Rear Wheel hubs and silicon liners for all doors.
All such BHpians check up with your VW SA for such recall replacements.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by adigup View Post
Both of them also confirmed that they do not know how to rectify the problem and they also do not know when VW will release a 'software update' or do a recall. I also told them that I am posting regular updates about this on Team BHP.
Thanks for keeping the thread updated. Let us know what conclusion they come to. Till then, All the best!
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Does anyone have suggestions for front window screen (the half ones so that rear view mirror sight is not obstructed). I got the rear window blinds as part of the accessories package. But not able to find a decent front window blind, within the legal limits.

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

The infotainment screen in my Taigun went blank and then green for like 3 full minutes and reboot on it's own while driving today. When escalated the matter to VW service centre - A service advisor was sent who 'factory reset' the software, and then my dad said it happened again with him.

VW guys have asked to make a video of it - the next time it happens.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Changed the ugly-looking rear wiper to the Polo one!: DIY

So this is a DIY I did on my recently purchased Taigun TSI. The mechanical rear wiper is definitely an eyesore! always wanted to change it with The frameless as in the polo, but had some complications. Let's start with the tools used;
1. Ratchet
2. Flathead screwdriver.
Opened the cap and unscrew the nut. Was very tight inside, used a flathead screwdriver and from the sides pushed it outwards carefully by not damaging or scratching the windshield. Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220416_095916.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220416_100315.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220416_100307.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220416_100322.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_130156.jpg

Now comes the tricky part. This wiper's blade is a bit too big and thus stucks at the center position of the spoiler. I first thought of cutting the excessive part but that would end up looking different so used my jugadu brain and with very difficulty opened up the center part of the wiper blade(The one which gets attached to the wiper arm). Moved it a few cms to the right side of the blade so that the left side can go into the wiper arm. Used Mighty bond instant adhesive to stick the plastic part again and voila, it worked!
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_141945.jpg
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_142025.jpg
Ended up damaging the wiper blade a bit
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_142701.jpg
Attached Thumbnails
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_142427.jpg  

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

The red rectangle portion was the excessive part, which I adjusted by moving the center clip to the right. Now, while using the wiper doesn't get stuck anywhere and cleans the windshield smoothly.
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_142420__01.jpg

Also added blind spot mirrors to the otherwise compact rearview mirrors. these are adjustable ones so they easily help me in parking and give me more confidence while doing a u-turn or overtaking at good speeds!Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_142516.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220423_142530.jpg
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by Rahul9229 View Post
I am using Michelin 215/55/17 on my kushaq from day 1 without any problems related to tyres. So it will work on taigun too as both are the same cars mechanically.
Rahul9229 /,
Had a specific query about alloy wheels in Taigun GT MT/Kushaq. Can the R16 alloys in Taigun GT MT take one or all three of these tyre change options? Could anyone advise. And if possible, pro vs con of each when matched with R16 wheel on Taigun/Kushaq.

- 215/60/R16 - (1.84% circumference variance)
- 225/55/R16 - (0.23% circumference variance) - more interested in this actually though FE might drop drastically and not sure if this is overkill [I'm upgrading from a Global Fiesta, and more steering would've been great]
- 215/55/R16 - (-1.46% circumference variance)

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Long drive experience on the Taigun 1.5 GT TSI dsg plus a quick trip blog.

Recently I did a drive from Hyderabad to Thrissur in my Taigun. The following are some of my observations about the vehicle and what new buyers could look forward to when they lay their hands on one. Will quickly mention other aspects of the trip that may interest some members.

Started the drive from Hyderabad at around 6AM with a tank filled with 40l of normal petrol. Hit the ORR and quickly moved on to NH44 and continued onwards BLR through the usual route of Jadcherla > Kurnool > Anantapur > Chikballapur > Devanahalli.
I took it steady with cruise control set at 90kmph during most stretches of this road. Though the car gave me confidence to cruise easily at 110 or 120, the frequent intersections on the highway, with it's uncomfortable rumble strips and precariously perched two wheelers, pedestrians waiting to dart in and out, gave me chills through out and I never dared to push it past 90. I found it stressful to go above 100 due to this.
I have to say there was a certain thrill whenever I pressed the resume button on the cruise control after each intersection slow down, to see the beast roar back to 90 pushing all occupants to our seats firmly with a sly grin on our faces.

I was sweltering all the way through as is expected in late April and the air conditioning was just effective. Ride comfort was excellent for all occupants and fatigue was minimal. Boot space was also quite adequate with space to spare.

Stopped at Food pyramid Kothakota for breakfast and AP02 DINE IN Anantapur for lunch. Both were satisfactory, but nothing great to mention.

Stayed at Aloft Whitefield for the night, which is a basic hotel of the Marriott group and I prefer it over others being a member and also due to the fact that it is relatively easier to skip the BLR traffic while coming in to it and also while leaving out the next morning driving into Hosur and onwards to Krishnagiri>Dharmapuri>Salem>Erode>CBE>Palakkad>Th rissur. Made sure to top up fuel in TN to take advantage of the lower prices. The difference is almost 7Rs per liter if you compare with Hyderabad.

The average kilometreage (new term coined by me, excuse me if you find it silly ) achieved was 17.8 for the complete trip on an average speed of 65kmph.
ACT worked perfectly while cruising and otherwise too but only on slopes and flats. The instantaneous returns were 30 to 35 kmpl whenever the car fired only on 2 cylinders. This has lead to me to the conclusion that this beast is a thoroughbred for the long haul on 6 lane divided carriageways. It doesn't quite like the city roads and expresses its discontentment by returning below 10kmpl at the hint of mediocre stretches and bumper to bumper traffic.

On a side note, I unintentionally hurt the egos of some drivers of wannabe SUVs (you know what I mean) when they underestimated the VW beast and tried to overtake, much to their dismay then, found out that it was a difficult task Guess they will rejoice when and if I have a future DSG failure, which I pray to the almighty gods of the road may never come to be.

Since it is still early days for the Taigun on Indian roads, it surely grabbed eye balls all throughout the journey and it was very pleasing to be honest.
Looking forward to some memorable short trips within Kerala now.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by Atharva14 View Post

Also added blind spot mirrors to the otherwise compact rearview mirrors. these are adjustable ones so they easily help me in parking and give me more confidence while doing a u-turn or overtaking at good speeds!
Can you pls share where did you buy this blind spot mirrors and what was the cost. I am also interested in installing one.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by Quatro View Post
Can you pls share where did you buy this blind spot mirrors and what was the cost. I am also interested in installing one.
For the blind spot mirrors, you can try these out at any of the car accessories shop, they definitely have different varieties and you can chose amongst them. Living in Mumbai, and purchased these from a shop at Milan Subway.
Costed- ₹200/-
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

3,000 kilometres / 40 days update:

Managed to clock 3,000 kms (in close to 40 days) in my Taigun 1.0 Highline MT. The car has completed it's run-in period very well, I have managed to drive it on almost all sorts of conditions and therefore, here are my observations / experiences so far:
  • I love the way it handles on high speeds. I have done good triple digit speeds and it did not feel like it.
  • This engine is a dream.
    • I know it feels better in the Vento and the Polo. (A friend owns 1.0 TSi AT Polo and have driven it). I think it does a good job on the Taigun as well, especially in the manual guise. (I have also driven a friend's 1.0 TSi AT Kushaq)
    • It picks up pace without letting anyone know / feel - it's the beep at 80 kmph which reminds me to slow down.
    • The turbo, gosh, let it kick in, and the car isn't just a Taigun anymore, it's like a therapy for me.
    • Torque and clutch? The clutch is not that light but it's manageable. Half-way through releasing the clutch, the revs automatically go up to around 1,100 rpm to prevent stalling. Moreover, we usually park all our cars inside in the driveway - and to get into the gate, the ramp is quite inclined. While reversing into the driveway, this car just requires clutch and no accelerator input, the revs automatically go up to 1,300-1,400 rpm and help it climb up. (Just to mention, our Innova Crysta 2.7 AT has it's wheels skidding / slipping like crazy if there's no momentum or if we stop it midway on the ramp)
    • Brakes are very good. The ABS kicks in at a good time whenever needed. Have panic / harshly braked like two times and they're quite confidence inspiring. (One time a friend was following in his car, and he saw the brake lights blink - one of the safety features)
    • The car hates small / immediate potholes and it feels like a crime when that 'thudd' is heard. Otherwise, the road noise + drive on bad roads is fair. (The tire noise on this one is less than on my Corolla Altis 1.8 2019)
  • While people call it outdated, I love the feeling of having a proper ignition + key fob combo. (No Push button start is what I mean) After 3 years, this just feels so old school and great! I hate technology sometimes.
  • Plastic quality is definitely not great, but it feels okay. The gear lever creaking sound to which VW guys also admitted that it is a problem in all cars, hasn't been fixed yet.
  • The car feels solid and a lot of people still turn to see it. (Looks like a mini Tiguan.) Recently, a silly Toyota Fortuner driver suddenly decided to move his car forward while my dad was reversing the Taigun out of a parking lot, we just got a mini inside bump on the bumper, and the towing hook cover - next to the reflector popped out, which we clipped back. The 2012 Fortuner's bumper popped out. I feel sad about it, we have two Toyotas, love them.
  • The audio quality is amazing. I love every bit of it. Yes at some points, I feel it could be better but also think, tweaking the equaliser a little should do the job. Also, I don't know if it's the sun + heat or it's the screen which heats up. I also wish the Traction Control button was a physical button - probably should have been placed next to the Hazard lights button.
  • The analogue speedometer feels amazing, it's a delight to watch the needles work. Also, love the fact that the speedometer lights dim whenever the car thinks / detects it's dark outside (to remind you to turn on headlights). Note: The car doesn't come with Automatic headlights. Also, the screen provides sufficient information and is quite customisable - like driving data, mobile phone data, and the song playing (and volume bar too).
  • The halogen headlights work brilliantly well (and so does the cornering function). Better than the halogens of both - the Kia Seltos and the Honda City 2020 5th gen.
  • I miss the power-folding ORVMs, VW guys have no clue when there will be a proper accessory or a fitment kit for it.
  • VW OEM leatherette seat covers are great! Amazing fitting and they feel factory fitted. Whereas, Kia and Honda OEM seat covers definitely give a feel that they were installed like 5 years after the car was bought.
  • The lighting and the whole setup (dashboard, interior colour, door handle illumination) feels premium, when you combine it with a VW logo and the performance, it just feels a segment above.
  • There are no rattles, except for one. The driver's door - It only comes in light when there is a lot of bass coming out of the speakers or when the car is on an incline / uneven surface. It's not even prominent.
  • The AC issue. Yes, it's an issue indeed. There is a whole thread going on about it. Link (Volkswagen Taigun : Ineffective air-conditioning) At this point, it's better to just keep waiting for a solution, and learn to live with it. As the car completed the run-in period, the behaviour surely changed, and now it's not throwing warm air as much, but there's still quite of it. Especially in slow moving traffic, but only when observed. I practice all habits like - Rolling windows down and letting the hot air exit (moreover, my parking is covered), making sure recirculation is turned on.
  • Fuel efficiency (I use normal / unleaded petrol, all figures as per the car's system and with AC on at all times, 35% Highway + 65% City conditions)
    Note: COCO here is referring to Company Owner Company Operated Fuel Pump.
    • Topped up from COCO. Minimum/Maximum: ~12.3 / ~15.6 kmpl
    • Topped up from non - COCO. Minimum/Maximum: ~10.3 / ~12.9 kmpl

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Has anyone experienced drop in mileage after 7.5k service?

My daily commute is mix of city and highway, same route everyday. Pre-service mileage was in range of 14-15 kmpl (GT Auto variant). After service, it dropped to 12. I thought it might improve in few days, but at 9.0k it has improved only slightly and is hovering around 13 now.

Should i take the car back to service? Or is it just the summer that's causing this drop because of AC?
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Taigun Topline 2022 coded!

Hey folks!
I recently added a few tweaks to my Taigun from a guy who also is a keen follower of team-bhp.
I very well knew and was aware of the VCDS part going wrong if not done properly, thanks to this forum,
Hence I made sure this guy works cautiously and with all backup of the original codes, just in case to reset everything if that goes wrong.
Coding was done remotely and I got myself
1. Offroad mode on ICE
2. Performance mode on ICE
3. Anti-Theft Alarm
4. Acoustic Confirmation for lock/ Unlock
5. Driver Side window UP/DOWN with remote
I didn't go with the 80/120 beeps as of now, but he assured me it can be done through him anytime.
I had asked the Service guys at VW about lock unlock sound and anti-theft, they had no idea about it. But when I told them it could be done by coding, they told me to get it done as that definitely wouldn't affect the warranty.
Overall I am happy with the work and I would surely recommend this guy for coding. Parth Tomar-7017248357
Attaching video links of the work done!

Meanwhile, he also told me we could configure the digital cluster to the color we want. I always wanted to try the Red dials of GT+ so I got this done too!
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220430_124656.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220430_125121.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220430_125854.jpg

Not pretty sure how would the service center guys react to it or would even notice, but this looks good and can be coded to the original blue one easily.

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220430_130159.jpg

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Skoda has launched the Kushaq Active Peace variant below the current lowest Active Variant. It is priced 1 lakh less than Active - At 9.99 lakhs ex-showroom. The only thing it misses out from the Active is the touchscreen music system and speakers.

I would not at all be surprised if VW launches a Taigun Trendline variant at 9.99 lakhs, following the same strategy. To gain volumes, the group needs a presence below 10 lakhs mark, as the Polo has now been discontinued. Otherwise Skoda and VW may remain a niche player. Eventually we should expect stripped down variants of Slavia and Virtus as well, selling below 10 lakhs. I do expect a Slavia Rider to come at mouth watering price soon, just like the Rapid Rider launched earlier.

The heavy investment made in MQB-A0 IN need to be recouped and this can be done only if the group is able to sell a good volume of cars. Once the customers willing to pay at the layer of pricing (GT variants etc) have been creamed off, the group can think of making their MQB cars available at a decent profit over the marginal cost of production of each unit.

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

DIY: Upgrading to LED Turn indicators for Taigun!

The tail-lights on the Taigun are really a masterpiece, I mean I love the way they light up at night! The LED strip looks classic. What definitely wasn't looking classic was the use of halogen bulbs in turn indicators. The assembly is huge but the space for turn indicators is small in it. I really think that the turn indicators would not be that clearly visible in daylight due to them being small and halogens!
So it was a time for DIY!
Searched youtube for the removal process of tail lights on Taigun but found none. Scared to do this on a month-old car, I finally plunged into it and gave it a shot!
The tools used were the same as provided in the spare tire kit
1. A trim removal instrument
2. Screwdriver (Sorry, I don't know what type it is, but present in your spare tire kit)
I'll let the pictures explain the process.
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_204742.jpg

Be really careful about the plastic trims not to break them while removing and installing
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_204810.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_204833.jpg

The seal says, "RETEST LAMP IF SEAL BROKEN" and not warrant void if broken
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_204946.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_205031.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_205110.jpg

Removing the plastic trims to get into the bulb housing.
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_205117.jpg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_205201.jpg

Sorry, I literally Forgot to click pictures of the inside housing. That is a simple swap of bulbs though.
LED Bulb type- BA15S P21W
Bulbs sourced from-
I was scared to see any error on the dash or hyper flashing of any indicator, but there was none. Everything works perfectly, attaching videos!

Everything just works fine. The LED bulbs are much brighter than halogen ones and I just love the way the LEDs blink. AMAZING.

I'd really like to thank fellow BHP-ian, Prerak. Prerak's upgrade to led turn indicators on his Red GT Tsi really encouraged me and I went ahead to order these !
That's it for now, folks!
Whats next? Probably LEDs for the reverse lights too!
Attached Thumbnails
Volkswagen Taigun Review-img_20220502_210400.jpg  

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