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My zen gives 11-12 in city and 16-17 on highway
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My 2002 5 speed mpfi 800 DX returns 14.5 to 16.5 kmpl, more during rest of the year and less during the monsoons when the roads are terrible, with AC.
On highways, without AC its even returned over 20kmpl. I do not have highway AC numbers since I prefer to drive with the wind (and dust) in my hair (whatever remains of it) when the air does not smell smoky.
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my zen gives me arnd 14 in the city ...16-17 on highways
getz gives arnd 11 in city and 13 on highways.
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I spend more on gas than cigarettes...

My Lancer needs a damn petrol pump attatched to it - am seriously thinking of buying a full-size tanker to follow me around for in-car refuelling whilst driving.

City mileage: 6 - 6.5kmpl.
Mostly with the aircon on, unless I'm enjoying my periodic nicotine intake.

Highway: Well, took it outta town only once, on the infamous T-BHP drive, so got a superb mileage of 7.25 for the entire trip, & almost ran dry before I hit the pump!

My Alto 1.1 is around 9ish, only city driving.

Wifey's Alto 800cc is superb. 5 times a week she drives down to the airport, one way in full traffic. She fills up 500 bucks of fuel a week! @#$%@#$@! Think she gets 250 kmpl!

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elf, I think it has quite a lot to do with the difference in driving style - women tend to drive more sanely. Ofcourse, I am not ruling out some issues with the Lancer and Alto1.1, which contribute to such a pathetic FE.

My suggestion : Ask your wife to use the Alto1.1 for a week and check how much petrol she uses up compared to her 800cc Alto. Unless there is something wrong with the car, the FE figures should be more or less the same (might be marginally lesser on the Alto1.1, due to the 300cc difference).
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Fiat Adventure

Hello, my 1 month old Fiat Adventure is returning 9-9.5kmpl in Mumbai city with 95% a/c on. Yet to get the 1st servicing done. Mileage should improve further post that.

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5 year old Santro

Hello, my 5 year old santro gives 10.5-11kmpl with 95% a/c on in Mumbai city. I get around 14-15kmpl on highway with a/c on.
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These are my figures

Fiat Palio 1.2 ELPS

City : 9 kmpl with 50% AC
Highway : 15 without AC; 14 sparingly AC
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9-11 km/lt in city with ac
13-15 km/lt on highways
actually I went to chennai 3 days ago, I think I got higher than 18 km/lt between hosur and sriperumbudur, average speed was approx 100km/hr on this stretch, I cannot quote exact figures for this stretch alone but from experience and indication of fuel guage, I think I got that kind of efficiency. overall efficiency of that trip was 14km/lt which included bad bangalore city traffic and a day of even worse chennai madness.
One more think i'd like to add here is, I have noticed people claiming that their car's fuel tanks take in about a litre or so of fuel after cutoff, well in my optra's case, it takes in anywhere between 10-10.6 litres of fuel after cutoff, this I am posting after waiting for a long time to check and recheck everytime i fill up to the brim in different fuel stations both in and outside bangalore and at varying times of the day from early morning to noon to evening.This I am saying after at least 30 tank fulls in my 6 month old car. The figure is always 10 to 10.6 lts after autocutoff.

SANTRO 13-16kms/lt in peak hour traffic
18-20 on long drives
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My Accent CRDI

City - 14.0 With AC on always and mostly I drive in 3rd gear
Highway - 18.0 with AC. Mostly cruising at speeds between 100 130 KM/HR
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Lancer 2001 Mystic Blue SFXi

10 - 10.5 With AC 99 % ( Clocked 64 K Km, Power Petrol). Mileage earlier was around 9 with AC and it improved after the last service with Air filter change, Throttle body cleaning and Engine Flush with STP.The variation comes with Traffic conditions where its being driven to Usually dad uses it in off peak hours and Who's driving Dad or Me ..But in anycase The speed usually is economy 50. Also its not driven much hardly 20-30 KM when used.

XETA 2006 Artic Silver GLG

CNG Mode

16 With AC
17 Without AC


11.8 With AC
12.1 Without AC

Just finished clocking 3660 KM. First Service due in December. Speed is Economy 60.

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Here goes the figures for my cars guys,

Octavia RS:
city 8.5 (no matter how well i drive)
highway 10+

city 10.5-11
highway 11+

Safari Dicor
city 9
Highway 11

All figures with AC on. P.S, Add 2 more to the highway figures for Delhi- Jaipur

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Mitsubishi Lancer
Have only used the car in the city so..
With AC - 10kmpl
W/O AC - 12.5kmpl

This includes some good enthusiastic driving at times..
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Only city figures:
W/O AC- 18.5 - 19
AC - 17.5

Before you guys go... Most of my driving is in the New and South Delhi area... so no major jams....
P.S. Am trying POWER this time around... will upload the results day after....

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Fiesta 1.4 EXI Petrol
City figures:
13.5 (with AC)
15.5 (w/o AC)
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