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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Currently I am at my Hometown (Lucknow), as due to COVID-19 my organization has made Work From Home as mandatory option and I thought why not to spend time with my Father as well as my son enjoys playing with him. At my hometown, I have two cars purchased in 2010 and then in 2015 on finance from PNB and SBI in Lucknow. Car loan for both of them were cleared in 2015 and 2018 respectively, but didn't had time to apply for Hypothecation Termination at RTO Lucknow as I was never in Lucknow for more than a week or two at max. Current stay gave me an opportunity to apply for Hypothecation Termination at RTO, Lucknow and would like to list down the process and documentation required for same.

Documents Required for HPT @ RTO UP-32:
  • Registration Certificate (Original)
  • Form 35 signed by Bank/Finance company (Original)
  • No Dues Certificate from Bank/Finance company (Original)
  • Car Loan Statement from Bank/Finance company ( Copy)
  • Valid Insurance Document (Copy)
  • Valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate (Copy)
  • HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) Receipt ( Copy)
  • Two Envelops affixed with Postal stamp of INR. 22/- each ( For receiving RC and for sending Form-35 back to Bank after RTO stamping)
  • Receipt for Paid Fees ( INR. 0 (zero)in U.P. as Transport department does not charges fees for HPT but one does get receipt with zero amount)
  • Scheduled Appointment Slip (Appointments are available for next day)
On 20-Mar-2021, went to Bank Branch (SBI and PNB) to collect No Dues certificate/Form 35/Car Loan Statement and was able to collect same in 20 minutes from the time entered in branch. Bank Staff was cooperative even though I did not remembered my loan account number. They extracted details through my mobile number.

Same day at night applied for HPT application through and completed the application after uploading softcopy of Form-35 obtained from Bank. Took appointment for 22-Mar-2021 (Monday) through the portal. Gathered all the documents required for printout and took printout on 21-Mar-2021.

Planned to reach RTO at 12:30 PM due to scheduled official meetings. Reached at 12:30 PM and parking of car was not a concern at RTO office. Then went to the counter to check on the list of documents pasted on the window. I was not aware on the requirement of HSRP receipt as well as second envelop with stamp for sending Form-35 copy from RTO to Bank. To my luck, I had applied for HSRP for both my cars and got it affixed in the month of DEC-2020 & JAN-2021. Also, I was having receipt on my phone as I sent it to my Father for getting the HSRP fixed. Took printout of same from shops nearby as well as purchased additional Envelops with postal stamps and file covers for keeping the applications.

After getting all the documents in order in the file cover purchased, went to enquiry counter and checked for counter on which those documents to be submitted. At RTO-Lucknow, submission counters are based on middle alphabets of the Registration number. Reached the counter as told and presented the documents. RTO employee verified the documents and then asked to sign at two places along with contact number. I was updated that I shall get the document in 10-15 days period, in case if I do not receive the same in 2 weeks then I shall contact at the same counters between 4 - 5 PM for collection of updated Registration certificate.

Overall, it was a good experience and the whole process at RTO was completed in 1 hour and 20 minutes (I had to stand in two different queues as the registration series were different). Rather than RTO employees its people who were trying to get into the line from anywhere as well as the Agents who were trying to push their file first through back door entry. But, considering where we were 10 years before and how we and our Governmental processes have evolved, its good to see that as an individual we can get our work done at RTO without agents.
As of current status on 23-Mar-2021 at the application has been approved and RC has been printed. The update for HPT is also visible in the documents available at mParivahan mobile App.

As of now I have done following procedures at RTO in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh without involving any agents and bribe. All the fees paid were as per receipt received from RTO department.
  • Car Ownership Transfer at Indiranagar RTO (KA-03) in Year 2010
  • Moving PB-02 issued Driving License to UP-32 as the paper based license was in very bad condition at Lucknow RTO (UP-32) in Year 2011
  • Car Ownership Transfer at Indiranagar RTO (KA-03) in Year 2013
  • Paid Lifetime tax for my TN registered bike at Indiranagar RTO (KA-03) in Year 2015
  • Registration and applying for KA number for UP-14 Registered car at K.R.PURAM RTO (KA-53) in Year 2016.
  • Applying fresh DL (LMV + MCG) at Yelahanka RTO (KA-50) through Sarathi process in Year 2018.
  • Registration of TN-22 registered two wheeler at Yelahanka RTO (KA-50) in Year 2019.
  • Renewal of Registration for above mentioned two wheeler at Yelahanka RTO (KA-50) in Year 2019.
  • Movement of records car registered at K.R. Puram RTO (KA-53) to Yelahanka RTO (KA050) in Year 2019.
  • Change of Address for above mentioned car at Yelahanka RTO (KA-50) in Year 2019.
  • Hypothecation Termination for two cars at Lucknow RTO (UP-32) in year 2021.
Note : I did not renewed my old DL as I had to travel to Lucknow from Bangalore but due to some situations it was not possible at that time. Also, I had utilized agent services at TN-22 RTO for issual of NOC/HPT in year 2018 for my TN22 registered two wheeler..
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Originally Posted by stewie View Post
P.S: Just updated the virtual RC on mParivahan and the Financier field now shows NA
Somehow I missed your post. But I was able to use this app now and followed the same steps. And my Financier field as well shows NA. So its done now.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Here's the procedure for Mysuru West RTO:
  1. Fill up the application online for hypothecation removal in parivahan portal and pay the money, upload documents and take a print out of Form 35. The website is a bit buggy but you can keep coming back to the application using the Reprint Form/Application option again using the application number.
  2. Get the following documents ready: 2x Form-35 (both to RTO) generated by the website signed by you and signed and sealed by bank manager, NOC letter addressed to the registering authority, 2x Fess paid receipt (one for yourself, one for RTO), RC photocopy, insurance photocopy, PUCC photocopy
  3. Talk to the agents sitting outside and purchase an envelope with the right postage stamp (Rs. 20 within the city etc.). Also purchase a plastic cover to put your RC in it. Ask for a pin to bind all these documents together. Costed me Rs. 32.
  4. Keep one copy of fees paid receipt to yourself (for acknowledgement seal in the last step) and pin everything else together for submission.
  5. Go to counter number 3 and talk to anybody they'll sign Form-35 and ask you to go to counter number 5 to submit this document.
  6. At counter number 5 submit the pinned documents and ask the person to seal and sign your copy of fees paid receipt as an acknowledgement. Wait for the new RC card to reach home.

  • The Form-35 that the bank manager gave you directly does not work.
  • Online application is mandatory.
  • Make sure the NOC letter is addressed to The Registering Authority, RTO.

Total Cost: Rs. 232/-
No palm greasing/No agent needed. It is just a 5 minute job depending on the crowd in RTO.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

I just applied to get hypothecation removed for my Delhi-registered car at, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the process is completely online now, with no need for a physical visit, and no fees either. It took me around 30 minutes to finish the application. They needed scanned copies of Form 35, insurance, RC, and NOC (but no PUC). The receipt specifically mentions "No need to visit RTO", and it did say that the new RC would be sent to my address with speed post if the details checked out. Saved me quite a bit of time and hassle.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Originally Posted by theautoman View Post
Just got the HPT removed from my Car in KA03 RTO - Bangalore East,

and since HTP removal is not printed on the RC card, it is better to pay extra fees and obtain the B-Extract of the RC after the HPT is removed. you will have a physical document as proof of termination of HPT.
Thank you for your post. I need to go for HP removal as well but have only received 2 copies of FORM 35 and bank letter to RTO. Is this enough ?

And how do you apply for the B-Extract ?

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Guys, please advise.

I have applied for Hypothecation removal through Drivekool (RTO agent) in Bangalore. I got my RC card a few days ago. I am not sure how to check whether this hypothecation removal is completed or not.

Vahan website shows the below details for my car:

ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide-baleno.png
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Hello -

Is it possible for me (or an agent) to physically pickup my updated RC after de-hypothecation from the RTO or can they only mail it to me at the address on the RC via registered post?

My address has changed and I no longer live at the address on my RC book and I really do not want to go through the process of changing my address since I've moved states as well (Delhi to UP).

I'm not sure if these procedures differ from state to state. Can someone from Delhi help?
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Default Re: ARTICLE: RTO Hypothecation Removal Process - Step by Step Guide

Online removal of Hypothecation from RC at Bangalore South RTO - KA-05

Prepare Documents:

A. Documents Required :
i. Form 35 with sign and seal from the financial institution
ii. NOC from financial institution
iii. RC card

B. Scan (a) & (b) into a single PDF. Scan both sides of RC card into a single PDF.

C. Ensure each PDF is 200KB or less in size. You can use this extreme compressor which somehow manages to retain quality also -

Apply Online:

1. Visit

2. Click Online Services > Vehicle Related Services > Select Karnataka

3. It redirects you to "Vahan Citizen Service" portal. Select State as Karnataka & RTO (Bangalore South RTO 5 in my case) and proceed

4. Click on Basic Services - Hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination]

5. Enter Registration No. and last 5 characters of Chassis Number and Validate. Enter registered mobile number and submit OTP.

6. In the Application Entry Form, select "Termination of Hypothecation"

7. Most of the details regarding the vehicle and your current insurance are auto-populated. Enter the date of Loan Closure as per the NOC from financial institution.

Pay Online:

8. Verify all details and proceed for fee payment of Rs.200. All usual digital payment options exist, including cash payment at RTO.

9. Pay digitally and the window redirects to somewhere you wouldn't expect. We need the Application Number to proceed further but do not worry!

10. Repeat 1, 2 and 3. Click Status > Reprint Receipt/Form > Reprint Receipt

11. Select "Registration No. Wise", enter "Application" for transaction, "Online Service" for Application, the Registration Number, and last 5 characters of Chassis Number and submit.

12. Click on "Trans ID" and you get your e-receipt, which shows your Application No. Save this receipt.

Upload Documents:

13. Now repeat 1, 2 & 3 if you have to.

14. Click Status > Add Pending/Modify Uploaded Documents. Select Add Pending Documents

15. Enter the Registration No., last 5 characters of Chassis no., Application No., registered mobile no. and submit OTP.

16. Select the two PDF files and click "Upload DMS" for each file. You can verify the uploaded file by click the view file links. Once both files are uploaded, click on Final Submit. It shows a message that the application must be reprinted for the actual submission to RTO.

17. Repeat 10, 11 & 12 and you are done.

Check Status:

18. Repeat 1, 2 & 3. Click Status > Know Your Application Status. Provide the details. Immediately after point 17, it must show "PENDING AT HPT-VERIFICATION". You can regularly check for the progress.

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