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Old 1st September 2008, 10:36   #1546
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Rock On!

Brilliant movie, great performances. The live performances of the band are well orchestrated, especially the one in the climax.

I was in INOX Pune and I must say the chicks had a rocking time. They clapped, whistled, jumped for joy at every sight of Arjun Rampal. Rampal to his credit, lets his hair down and plays the guitar with gusto.

Farhan is a good actor, for sure. Purab Kohli is a livewire. Luke Kenny was good too.

The surprise packet has to be Shahana Goswani, who plays Rampal's nagging wife. She is brilliant throughout the movie and perhaps gets more footage than the lead actors of the band.

The songs, though critics have rubbished as amateurish still connects with the audience. The pick of the lot is 'Sindbad the Sailor'. This song pretty much captures the essence of the movie. The other songs are good as well.

Last but not the least, Purab's Jeep is a delight to watch

I give it a 4/5. Really enjoyed it.
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Wanderlustindia, let me just repeat every words you said.

It was a trip back to my college days with Hard core Rock music. Its one role which Rampal can cherish through out his life & another highlight is Shahana.
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Am game for a show anytime post 2030hrs at IMAX Wadala on 2/9/8.

N_C, we're ON then.

Lookin forward.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
normally_crazy has just asked if anyone is interested in watching the late evening show of "Rock On" at Imax Wadala on Tuesday Sept. 2, 2008.
Post your replies here.
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Default Rock On!

I liked the move. Good 3-3.5/5
However this movie is no Dil Chahta hai.
Everybody has listed the highlights, I will list the grouses, which prevent it from becoming a 5/5 movie
1. Music : The songs look good in the movie because they are shown in rock concert way. All rock concerts look good. Remember college days, when even lousy bands on stage could rock the audience. Now thats no excuse to dish out lousy music! This movie is the first rock based movie, and if you listen to the CD, you feel what!? This is no rock. A musical is supposed to have good music, you don't watch DVD in the car, you listen to CD. And the lyrics are silly. except for one song. They have ridiculed rock in the movie. They have shown that rock has silly nonsensical lyrics. But thats not true.. Not even for indian bands. I think FA never listened to But it rained or similar songs. Those are also indian bands right. Even "Yeh Hai meri Kahani" was sung by a PK band.

2. Emotions(or lack off)
DCH had friendship, fights, love etc., shown so beautifully. However over here there is no chemistry between characters. For example friendship is not really shown in the flashback scenes. Emotions are missing. FA wife is more like his sister or mother. She sees his video with another girl and when she meets that girl she is like "Thank you" in the most emotionless way...? Is she his sister or wife. She could have done something better in the movie. In the end when Debbie comes on stage, they cannot show her emotions. AR wrote song for her, and she can't even react to it!?

3. Farhan Akhtar
His character is shown suffering from meglomania. For example he is jealous of AR when he writes that song. then he acts like he is the hero of the band. Well and good. But if you see the move FA has put all the spotlight on himself! In real life he as acted like his character. He should have named the movie Farhan Akhtar Zindabad

4. DCH Hangover
Masterpieces are made only once. If FA had let the movie go on its own pace without getting in DCH moments, it would have been better

Overall I liked the movie. I enjoy rock, therefore it pains me that the solo rock musical ever made by Bollywood has lousy music
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Old 1st September 2008, 12:05   #1550
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Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
They have shown that rock has silly nonsensical lyrics. But thats not true.. Not even for indian bands. I think FA never listened to But it rained or similar songs. Those are also indian bands right. Even "Yeh Hai meri Kahani" was sung by a PK band.
The main reason could be Javed Akhtar and the lyrics he wrote. Maybe he has never written for a rock band before.
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Saw the Movie & Simply loved it. May be I have a different taste But I loved the songs & thats what is playing in my Car

The movie does become slow in middle. Like mentioned earlier AR has similar expressions through out the Movie but his entry in last concert is superb.

Anyone who has had passion for something(not just rock but anything) which they have left behind will be touched by the movie.

4 out of 5 rating from me
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Old 3rd September 2008, 11:57   #1552
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Don LaFontaine, the "Voice of God", the guy who voiced over nearly every movie trailer (5000 trailers!!!) is no more.

He passed away on September 1. Trailers will never be the same again :(
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Hi Guys,

Any recommendations which one to watch this friday among
A Wednesday,


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Dont ever miss Wall-E...

Rock On is also great fun.

finally I dont know if it has been discussed here before, but The Dark Knight is mindblowing in Imax. I guess only Hyderabadies, Mumbaikars and maybe Delhiites (i heard an Imax has opened here) are fortunate enough to see it in IMAX

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Watched 'Rock On!' yesterday.
As Tanveer mentioned, it reeks of the DCH hangover, but nowhere near the classic that is DCH.

While the movie as a whole is quite good, I found the music quite wanting, especially since this was centered around a rock band. While i am no hardcore rock fan, i do listen to them at times. As for the songs from the movie, other than the chorus which goes Na-Na.. none of the other songs quite make the mark on my scale.

* Farhan makes an impressive debut, but tries a wee bit too much to be the star of the movie.
* Arjun Rampal had an amazing role. With his long haired look, he certainly looks the part, and his acting has definitely matured.
* Purab does what he does best, with the ease of a pro. Excellent choice, i would say. His song and dance jig at the Channel V show, is a highlight.
* Luke had a more subdued role amongst the others, and didnt impress me so much.
* Shahana, who plays AR's wife was impressive and certainly deserves an award in a supporting role.
* Prachi Desai is a welcome newcomer, and did a reasonable job as well.

So, question now being, will this be added to my collection of fav movies? I guess not. Had the music been better, probably.

Worth a watch, though.

Bennyboy Rating : *** 1/2
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Saw a LAUGHT RIOT!! It is an Adam Sandler movie: YOU DONT MESS WITH ZOHAN!!

Zohan a.k.a. Adam Sandler is an Isrealy Anti-Terro operative. He come to new york to be a hair dresser.

WARNING: It is not similar but on the lines of BORAT!!

also, watched a movie called "MAN OF THE YEAR". It is a brilliant movie. Robbie Williams and John Voigt. It is about a comedian who decides to become president of the US and wins!

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A Wednesday

The police commissioner of Mumbai gets a call on his mobile from a unknown number telling him of bombs that have been planted all over the city and will go off at a stipulated time unless the commissioner does what the caller says. And thus starts a movie that is entirely gripping and thrilling. The police have to find out who this caller is before it's too late. Do they ?

2 of India's finest actors - (Anupam Kher plays the police commissioner and Naseeruddin Shah the caller) - are in simply SUPERB form. And it's an absolute treat to watch both of them. Even the support cast is in fine form - Jimmy Shergill and Aamir bashir as the upright cops are very good. The only sore point is Deepal Shaw as the TV reporter.

The movie delivers a message and does it very nicely as well.

Verdict - 4/5.
Do not miss this.

ps - This is the 3rd movie by UTV that has impressed me. Aamir, Mumbai Meri Jaan and now this. Way to go UTV.
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Old 6th September 2008, 11:22   #1558
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Any reviews of Hijack???
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Old 6th September 2008, 11:22   #1559
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Saw Dog bite dog in the english dubbed version.
Gau ngao gau (2006)

everything about the movie is grey. the lighting, the mood, the characters. it is also one of the most painful movies I've ever watched, not just because of the extreme violence on display, but also because of the pity you feel for the characters.

I'm not sure if the movie should be classified as Art or Pulp.
technically the movie is brilliant, with great camera work and a very clever soundtrack that plays with your emotions.
I'm swinging towards art, because the movie made me feel.

See and decide for your self.
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Originally Posted by karanraheja
Any reviews of Hijack???
Here you go Karan,


A very poor confused attempt at copying various Hollywood movies dealing with the same theme and not exciting at all.

Verdict - 0.5/5
. Bandal, Bakwaas - Don't even look at the poster.
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