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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by jayantmodi View Post
When I went to the service centre in the evening to take the delivery of my vehicle , I was surprised to see a deep scratch and multiple other smaller scratches on the driver side door of the car.
I read elsewhere in the forum that if you know the right people in the government, you might be eligible for a full refund for the car + 1.5 lakh in compensation.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by StepUP! View Post
I saw 18 kmpl on the MID for considerable time when I was crusing at 80-90kmph on Pune Mumbai express way!
Mine is AX7 P AT. Couldn't click the pic though.
I got a FE of 20 kmpl on highway on cruising at 90kmph.

On a regular basis I easily get 17-18kmpl on the highway. My ride is AX7L Diesel AT
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra XUV700 Review-1a1c8170c6f04c3b9d06aea830d65cd2.jpeg  

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Official service bulletin issued for change of the lower arm bush of the XUV700's suspension to resolve the front suspension noise reported by many existing owners.
Now that M&M officially have resolution to problem, can we expect that XUV7OOs manufactured post November 2022 will no more have gud-gud noise from front suspension?
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Official service bulletin issued for change of the lower arm bush of the XUV700's suspension to resolve the front suspension noise reported by many existing owners.
Thanks, although I have not experienced this tud noise, I will wait till my vehicle completes 1,000 Kms to give my verdict. In the meantime if the dealer asks for any inspection, I would be happy to get them inspected.

Today I read that there is another recall issued for XUV700 and ScorpioN manufactured between July to November over faulty bell housing rubber. Below is the link to the article.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
VIN - N6K18709
Does this mean cars with VINs after this are eligible for the call or the ones before? I have an N6H series XUV700 Petrol AT.

My guess is cars before the above-mentioned VIN are the cars affected. But just want to be sure.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by rnkgrg View Post
.. I have not faced any such issue with any of our other cars, .... Why is the stray menace affecting just one car, .... such crucial wires and pipes exposed in the underbody and is now causing trouble.
A couple of years back, a stray had chewed up my car's(sedan) left and right fender metal panels and torn off the front bumper like it was made of paper and scratched over the bonnet simply because it was trying to catch a rat which took refuge in the engine bay.
The ASS folks were only grinning and mentioned that this is a quite common occurence. The fender panels and bumper had to be replaced.

Ofcourse, having a safe concealment of wires and cable by proper design is critical.
It may not be feasible/practical, however it is best to find a safer parking space. Its quite unbelievable the bite and scratch force that a dog can inflict if it decides to have a go at any car, especially when hunting rats.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by ecenandu View Post
Hi, did you get the issue resolved?

It could also be a software issue, an edge case while going immediately to standby mode from engine off. Incase it is a software bug, it could be replicated in other vehicles as well.
Yes, the issue has been resolved now. The Check Engine light issue was happening because DPF was not getting enough Coolant, as the coolant container was near empty.

After changing the coolant hose (hard plastic elbow pipe coming out of engine) which had developed a leak, things are pretty stable now. Have driven around 2K+ km with not issues.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Someone shared in the SM group that TPMS feature (hardware) is present in the AX3 and AX5 variants. One only needs to buy 4 sensors from the dealership @ 944 each and get the feature enabled through the Co-Tek. So you can contact your MASS, in case onyone is interested.

Attaching photos posted by the group member :-

Name:  TPMS1.jpg
Views: 973
Size:  60.6 KB Name:  TPMS2.jpg
Views: 972
Size:  28.1 KB
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My Hate Story with my XUV700.

Let me start with some background information and how I ended up buying an XUV700.
  • How did It start?
It all started after the first Lock down and my XUV500 was getting old and nearing its replacement time. I usually keep my cars for 5 years and my XUV500 was already in its 6th Year. It had started to show its age and I decided that it was time to replace it, at that same time Mahindra was gearing up to launch the 2020 Thar. I booked the Thar on the First day and took delivery in November 2020 but after driving the Thar for a few weeks and after the initial charm died down, I realized that Thar wasn't for my daily commute and I missed the space offered by my Old and now sold XUV500.
  • In The Market again for a new Car.
It was decided between me and my Wife that we wouldn't be selling the Thar and I would buy a new SUV to replace the XUV500. And for the meantime, I would be using the spare Ciaz at home for my commute daily.

Around the same time, the news about Mahindra launching the XUV700 started to come and I was keenly following all the information. But my wife was insisting I get either the Endeavor or Fortuner and not waste money again on a Mahindra. This statement given by my wife was right after the CAM shaft recall came for the first lot of the Thars and she had visited the service center and saw all of the engine torn apart. She wasn't happy with Mahindra messing around with her 6 months old vehicle and changing critical components. And as I penned it down today, I realized I should have listened to her then.
  • Convincing my Wife to let me buy XUV700.
After the launch, I took my wife to have a feel of the XUV700 and Safari. She rejected both cars and insisted on getting a Fortuner. But then some mathematical equations later, she reluctantly agreed and it was already 17 October 2021, so no price protection. I booked my XUV700 AX5 MT 5STR White the same day with Harbir Automobiles. And this was the day I deposited money to start a horrid experience with XUV700. The worst decision I had ever taken related to Cars.
  • Endless Waiting for a horrid Ownership experience.
Now the wait started for the delivery. I got a call from Mahindra on 10th Feb that they can deliver the vehicle immediately but on the same day, I lost my Granddad to Cancer. So requested to postpone it till April 1st week.
Come 7th April 2022 and I took delivery of my XUV700 and my horrible ownership experience started. The first few weeks were great other than the GUD GUD noise from the suspension. It sounded like the bush kit was shot and I was driving around in a bullock cart or an old state transport bus and not a 4-5k km done vehicle costing a good 20 lacs plus. I took it to the service center multiple times and they explained their inability to resolve the problem.

And at a later stage in typical Mahindra fashion, they simply termed it as normal and said that even XUV500 had the same noise not knowing that I owned an XUV500 for good 6 years and for about 2 lac plus Kms. I wasn't convinced by their statement.

I showed the XUV700 to my trusted Mechanic who is maintaining my other cars for the past 20-plus years. He termed the same as a design flaw.
  • The saga of me regretting buying an XUV700.
After some days, I started to learn to live with the suspension noise and ignore it by listening to music at a higher volume than usual.

I was happy for a few days and then I made the biggest mistake of sending my XUV700 to Harbir Automobiles, Chandigarh for an Apple Carplay Update. I had specifically asked the Co-tek at Harbir if the software update was stable and if anyone has faced any problems after the update. I was assured that the Software is stable and I wouldn't face any issues. So I gave them a go-ahead and went to my office and asked them to drop the car back at home as I wouldn't be able to make it back in time to pick my car up in the Evening. They dropped the car at home in the evening confirming that everything was done and working.

Next Day Morning around 9:30 AM I started to my Car to visit the GST department for a meeting. To my horror, there was no sound from the music system and Infotainment screen got hung and the Instrument cluster was lit up like a Christmas Tree with each and every warning light on.

XUV700 has a very unusual setup. All the warning sounds like Seat Belts, Parking sensors, and other warning sounds are played via the front speakers. The Car was left unusable and the only thing which kept me sane while driving the XUV700 was now gone(Music). I called up the Service Head and he assured me that I can continue driving and he will send someone to my location to have it checked.

After some fiddling around everything was sorted and the car was back to normal.

Now comes the biggest shock, this one just ruined my ownership experience and I started hating my XUV700 to the core. In the evening I started my Car to drive back home and my Android Auto was on Wireless Auto connect. But my mobile never connected. I wrote it off in my mind saying it might be a one-off incident. But for the next 2 days, the Android Auto refused to connect and while connecting to Apple Carplay the system became very slow to the point it just stopped responding. I tried to connect Android Auto Via Cable but it also failed.

Defeated I drove myself to Harbir Mahindra and asked them to explain what was happening and to rectify the same.

And in Typical Mahindra fashion again they refused to acknowledge any problem. They cleared the Cache and even my mobile connected but only for one ignition cycle. This continued for a full month and a half. While driving my 6-month-old vehicle music less I could hear it squeak and rattle itself to glory. The Music had actually muted the rattles and squeaks. And I wasn't expecting this from a 6-month-old vehicle.
There were multiple rattles. The door beadings were squeaking. The dashboard had weird noises coming. The rear suspension was also making noises. This combined with the music system not working totally ruined the new car feel in the first six months. I felt like I was driving a very old car that wasn't taken very well care of. Even the sunglass holder was rattling. My XUV500 was more rattle-free when I sold it than a 6-month-old vehicle from the same brand.

I dropped my car on multiple occasions at the dealer and typical Harbir Mahindra way, they denied the problems but with great persistence and patience, I had the majority of the rattles taken care of. I even became the apprentice of their multiple mechanics on many occasions.
  • Android Auto is Not Working and Harbir Mahindra lying to me.
Now back to the Android Auto Not Working problem. One fine day after 1 month Harbir Mahindra updated me that they have ordered a new silver box and that I should drop my car for a full day and they will change the Silver Box. I dropped my car with Harbir Mahindra over the weekend to change the Silver Box and I was hopeful that my problems would end now.

Harbir Mahindra service GM Ms. Asha over the phone assured me that they will be changing my Silver Box and it would be an end to my misery. But to my shock, the same problem reappeared the very next day. I immediately drove down to the service station and had a very heated argument with Ms. Asha and Mr. Rajeev the Service Head of Harbir Mahindra. And it was during this argument I got to know that Ms. Asha had lied to me about the Silver Box being changed and they had just flashed the original Silver Box and given the car back.

I was taken aback and was shocked beyond belief that they can lie so easily to a customer. Then Ms. Asha tried to explain her actions but I wasn't in the mood to listen to her explanations.

After this their Co-tek simply stated that it was my Android Phone which was faulty and not the silver box. I was and still am using a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I didn't believe it, as the same phone was working with my other vehicles.

They even asked me to buy a new mobile and I said if changing my mobile didn't solve my problem will they reimburse me for the new mobile. They said no and after another round of shouting/arguing, we agreed to check my phone connectively with multiple XUV700s new and old parked in the service station and stockyard. My mobile connected with 20 plus XUV700s flawlessly and didn't miss a beat. It was then Mr. Rajeev finally ordered his Co-tek to finally change the faulty Silver Box with a new one.

Even this didn't resolve my android Auto connection problem and it was later traced down to faulty software installation by another dealership and now it's working again flawlessly since. How Incompetent a Mahindra Service center can be? It was also agreed over the mail that Mahindra would be paying me INR 4000/day till my car was fixed due to me being left without a vehicle. But in the end, Mahindra Just paid up for 4 days totaling INR16,000/- for the full 45 days of misery and mental torture they caused me.
  • Why I am Penning this Down Today?
Today I sent my XUV700 in for the 10,000km service with a side note that all the squeaks/rattles have returned and also to change the lower control arm along with new bushings. I also shared the Service Bulletin shared on the XUV700 main Thread with Harbir Mahindra, Chandigarh.

Mahindra proved today that they don't care about their loyal and repeat customers. Even after sharing the service bulletin, Harbir Mahindra simply denied to even acknowledge the service bulletin and said not to waste their time.

This is no way to treat a customer. I gave them a copy of the bulletin and asked them to verify it. I am a member of many XUV700 owners groups on WhatsApp and Facebook. Many fellow members have received calls to get the faulty parts changed and many even have installed new parts and confirmed the noise is gone. And here I am requesting Harbir Mahindra to at least acknowledge the service bulletin and to please change the faulty parts on my car which is Mahindra's fault in the first place.

I am so frustrated that I am planning to sell my XUV700 and end my misery and swallow my losses. A new Car is a huge deal for a middle-class Indian family and it's supposed to bring joy and happiness but Mahindra along with Harbir Mahindra actually made it a curse and I regret buying an XUV700. This would be my last Mahindra Vehicle ever.
And their constant denying of the problems has pushed me to the limit of sometimes questioning my sanity.

I am hopeful that the reach and influence of our Forum would help reach the right people at Mahindra and end my misery.


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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Here is the max fuel efficiency extracted during a highway run. Mine is Diesel AT.
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra XUV700 Review-eab75a08d3374afab7af0e901e88e2b8.jpeg  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-48fe9009a0d84684ae2ab85369a472bc.jpeg  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-15af0afd765941a2acb5fc1182048d9f.png  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-5f149aaf395142e9964cd6770e778b43.png  

Mahindra XUV700 Review-089a0e90521b486d8bd4ac8699e89c65.png  

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Folks- whoever has ever considered the Alcazar alongside the XUV 700, could you shed some light on why you finally went for the XUV 700?
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Re: My Hate Story with my XUV700.

Sorry to hear about your experience but history is just repeating itself. I still remember in 2012 when the 5OO was launched, A friend’s dad sold his 2009 Innova for the newly launched XUV. 1 month after the delivery, They were shocked with the amount of tantrums the car kept throwing. They never had this experience with their Innova or MK1 Octy TDi. In 2013, The XUV was finally sold and replaced with an Ecosport. I always thought they had made a hasty decision in selling their XUV but when he showed me their mail exchange with Mahindra, I understood their frustration. There are numerous stories about the issues in the 5OO and the 700 is just doing the same thing. I still feel Tata and Mahindra should focus on engineering a car better than developing features and bling. Unfortunately the market has moved to bling over functionality. I suggest you reach out to Mahindra and let them redirect you to a different dealership.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by automowheels View Post
Folks- whoever has ever considered the Alcazar alongside the XUV 700, could you shed some light on why you finally went for the XUV 700?
I was pretty close to booking the Alcazar while waiting for the XUV. The following points made me decide against it:
1. Safety rating. Alcazar 3 * vs XUV 5*
2. XUV comes with some futuristic hardware and would probably be up-to-date for a few more years just with software updates (read ADAS). Since I keep my cars for a long time, did not want to feel left out as more cars come out with these fatures. Now that I own the XUV, I am not sure if this should be a deal breaker. I hardly use the ADAS feature, and some times features like lane keep assist are a pain in Indian conditions.
3. Middle row middle seat of Alcazar was not as comfortable as the one in XUV.
In retrospect, I think point 1 is the most important point.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Cancelled my booking of XUV 700 Diesel AX 7 AT, due to be delivered by end 2023 and booked a Toyota Innova Hycross ZX in Sparkling Black Pearl color.
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Re: My Hate Story with my XUV700.

=asit.kulkarni93;5446215]I still remember in 2012 when the 5OO was launched, A friend’s dad sold his 2009 Innova for the newly launched XUV
Can’t make a bigger mistake than this ever… a reliable works-horse was sold for a new entrant in market which was yet to prove its worth. Of course the issue were bound to happen. Mahindra has been better in CS than Tata. The service centre should have taken some steps to verify and then action than just denying it.

Buying a car/bike for Indians itself is a big deal. The entire hard earned money is at stake. Such experience takes off the trust with Indian manufactured products.What stops Indian automobile manufacturers to get the same standards as of Japanese?

Vocal for local never comes for rescue in such situations. It’s just a marketing gimmick

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