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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Originally Posted by RaghuVis View Post
Well, this was the first show in the mall near my home and moreover, I don't think there can be a show before 8 AM for a Tamil movie in Maharashtra
Ah of course. It wasn't clear which city you were talking about. The earliest I have watched a movie of Thalaiva is at 12:30 am at Forum Mall, Bangalore - this was back in mid 2000s for Chandramukhi. We even had a puja around 12 am - it was kind of hilarious but good fun overall.

Well, I feel the last good movie Thalaivar gave was Shivaji way back in 2007 (If you exclude the 2 robot movies). So in that sense, this movie is much better than any of those -- Be it Kabali, Kaala, Darbar, Linga, or Petta (this I felt was not bad if not gr8). Even for an average Thalaivar fan, this one is a feast.
Good to hear that this is one of his better ones.

Originally Posted by narayans80 View Post
Shows in Madras are starting only 8-9 am on first day. There are 6am shows tomorrow, but not today.
Oh interesting. Annaatthe we watched 8am show on first day (at Koyambedu); and I remember crowds coming out from the previous show that ended then.

Originally Posted by subraiyr View Post
I am going on a limb here and assuming you are talking about Mani Ratnam movies. My favs have been his older hits
Haha - no it wasn't specific to Mani Ratnam movies. And I have watched all of them except Dumm Dumm Dumm. Actually, (relatively to current years) the late 80s, 90s, and 2000s movies were quite well covered (by me) - across Kamal, Rajni & a host of other prominent actors across various directors. But thanks for the list; I didn't realize I had actually covered most if not all of them.

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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Originally Posted by ninjatalli View Post
Oh interesting. Annaatthe we watched 8am show on first day (at Koyambedu); and I remember crowds coming out from the previous show that ended then.
No more early morning shows in the last 1 year. I remember Rohini had 4 am - 5 am shows, but these have become a relic of the past. Nowadays 7 am is the absolute minimum in Madras, Kamala theater screened Barbie at 700 am and Oppenheimer at 730 am on 21st.

600 am shows are happening in Coimbatore though
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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Originally Posted by subraiyr View Post

Other pictures you should probably watch as well

Dum Dum Dum
Kannathil Muthamittal - amazing movie - one of those tear jerkers in a good way
FYI Dum Dum Dum was not directed by Mani Ratnam, produced by his Madras Talkies though
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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Jailer - 4/5

Now that is a mass movie and who else can pull it off none other than Thalaivar. . Given the recent history of both Thalaivar and Nelson, went to watch without having any expectation and went to one of those theatres that was cheaper so that to not waste any money on this. But I was totally wrong. No turning back after it was set go. Nelson didn't let down this time. Nicely made with quite a lot of a awesome close up shots. BGM's blended in well except there were shades of "Beast". Afraid that Anirudh musical is sounding all the same more or less across all the movies. I think he should focus on songs and come out of the repeated track for BGMs. Rajinikanth pulled it off with grace. As for Vinayakan, what a performance and break he has got. He rose up and beyond the level to play the villain against Rajani.

They nicely looped in other Industry stars and increased the reach. Mohanlal stood out and great screen presence in whatsoever small scene he was in.

All in all, 2.5 hours of entertainer.

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Re: The Regional movies thread!

The Regional movies thread!-untitled.png

Neymar - 4/5 (Hotstar)

Beautiful movie about friendship and unconditional love for pets
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Originally Posted by balenoed_ View Post
Mamannan - (T) - 2/5

With so much hype, decided to watch this but turned out to be a waste of time. Unnecessary violence with nothing to take away at the end. The expressionless producer/actor is always seen as depressed throughout the movie. Fahad continues his repetitive psychopath characters. Keerthi Suresh having no clue on what her character is. No idea why they had to import Lal to act as CM where he struggles to fit in when there are numerous Tamil actors who could have done that role with ease. Only saving grace is Vadivelu. Worth the watch, just for him. You get to see a different Vadivelu here and he is class. ARR music is all over the place.
Completely agree with you. Keerthi Suresh and Udayanidhi were just expressionless. I do not recall seeing any other movie that they have acted in. If I were a director, would never cast them in any movie going by their acting or the lack of it in this movie. Fahadh and Vadivelu did very well in their roles. All other characters including Lal are forgettable.

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Re: The Regional movies thread!

"Adipurush" on Netflix and Amazon Prime: Unveiling the Myth!
I thoroughly enjoyed streaming "Adipurush" at home on OTT. Having watched it in theaters and experiencing a mid-movie slumber (blame the late-night showtime, NOT because the film was bad), I embarked on a mission to screen it for Dad and the rest of the family who had missed the theatrical run. Plus, I aimed to fill in the gaps from my theatrical nap and catch any missed plot twists.
We kicked off our viewing experience with the regional language version on Amazon Prime. The movie commenced with an amazing song during the opening credits – a tune that had the same awe-inspiring effect in theaters. Personally, I found the music to be the film's standout feature, if not its sole highlight. Upon Dad's request, we switched to the Hindi version on Netflix, as the Malayalam lyrics and dialogues seemed a bit out of place. Grandma joined us a few minutes later, only to fire off a genuine but comical query: "Is this a cartoon(animation) movie?" I got a flashback - a few years ago she asked a similar question when she joined us while watching TINTIN(2011) on TV. She found it hard to believe that it was a 3D animation film and not a movie with actual actors and actual sets. Apparently, poor old grandma still grapples with distinguishing animation from reality, NOT that this movie was bad. It took her a moment to realize that Saif was Raavan while we watched the Hindi version on Netflix. She inquired why he had a peculiar gait(Saif was walking like Sanjay Dutt on drugs. Hmm... Wait, what?), showcasing her knack for spotting even the tiniest details. During the Lanka scenes, she even asked me to increase the brightness, anticipating a golden-hued Lanka. However, she discontinued her viewing journey sometime after we switched to Hindi. But it's more of a linguistic preference, NOT that the movie was bad.
In other news, my Dad was battling sleep troubles after a surgery. The movie seemed to serve as a lullaby for him as well as he dozed off midway. Upon waking up, I proposed continuing the movie. In response, he folded his hands and gestured for us to switch to something else. This was considering he couldn't speak much, NOT that the movie was bad.
I had encountered reviews suggesting that Prabhas was in his Bahubali mode. My perspective differed. With the expressions he gave, I couldn't decide if he was trying to save Sita or just remembering ‘Where have I kept my car keys?’ or ‘Did I switch off the fans while before leaving the house?’. I even pondered if, given Prabhas' current look, he might have been a better fit for the Raavan role. Meanwhile, Sunny Singh, who previously did some lovable characters, seemed to have taken acting cues from the same school from where Alia Bhatt took training for "Brahmastra." It was as if they were reading the lines from a teleprompter. And let's not forget the VFX, which were utterly absurd given the claimed budget. The IT department might want to audit the producers' books for this one. The fight between Sugreev and Bali prompted grandma to make the question mentioned earlier. She cannot be blamed, my Tetris handheld game had more convincing VFX.
Comparatively, "Brahmastra", though far from a cinematic masterpiece, boasted outstanding VFX, overshadowing its acting and dialogue-related shortcomings. Interestingly, some '90s Indian TV series featured superior VFX than "Adipurush". Perhaps it's time for a special therapy session for viewers like me who dared to experience this madness in theaters. While I appreciate creative liberties in filmmaking, and I can understand the changes w.r.t fashion and dialogues, this film's abysmal execution transcends that understanding. The cinematic catastrophe is only amplified when witnessed on TV. At least in theaters, the music provided a hint of solace. After this escapade, I've decided not to watch any T-Series offerings in Theatres for the near future.

The audience reaction after watching it in theatres.
The Regional movies thread!-theatre-audience.jpg
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Originally Posted by narayans80 View Post
I understand the other 2. But why Anbe Sivam?
Maybe it's inclined towards the Laal Salaam ideologies. It's a Kamal movie with Sundar C name on the cards.
And definitely Anbe Sivam isn't for weak and melting hearts. Kamal made everyone cry.

Good to see threads which aren't on cars and bikes.

3 weeks back, watched "Samajavaraganana" in theatre and it was an ultra clean movie thoroughly enjoyed by all ages.
It is now being streamed on "Ahaa"OTT. Do watch it if you have free time.

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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Jailer - Average:

Watched Jailer with few of my friends yesterday. First half was good just before the interval and I expected the movie to take-off in the second half but it fell flat on the floor. The second half was too slow and directionless especially because they wanted to fit in stars from other industry. Ramyakrishnan was wasted on a subtle role. The villain Vinayakan was very good.

About Rajini, he played his role nicely and looked stylish, credit should be given to the make-up artist. But too much of gun fights, blood and gore for a Rajini movie. His movies are normally covered for all age groups, but the violence was too much in this movie.

Overall, the movie was average.
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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Originally Posted by myavu View Post
Beautiful movie about friendship and unconditional love for pets
Absolutely a surprise package

Watch “Padmini” (4/5) in Netflix is another movie with simple yet hilarious story line
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Re: The Regional movies thread!

JAILER - Total entertainer

Rajini is back with a mature character with strong screen presence and charisma.
1st half was highly engaging compared to second half. Second half has a heist episode which seems unwanted and almost derailed the movie.
The last 20mins saved the movie with a big twist.
Apart from Rajini, the villain shined the best with brilliant portrayal of being pure evil.
This is unlike any Rajinikanth movie due to extreme violence (blood bath and butchering through out).

Overall, this is a profitable venture for all distributors, exhibitors and producers.
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Re: The Regional movies thread!


Loooong Review ����

As a 70+ superstar defies age and perhaps time itself, just to pull off one more big screen lead, Thalaivar movies have become an assortment of bookmarks of fanboy moments, trademark heroics and callbacks to the golden era blockbusters. His FANS, who have now entered an unbelievable 4th generation in the same household., are happy to just celebrate the icon and his larger than life image, that storyline and filmcraft often take a backseat. Therefore, the critique of a ‘Rajini movie’ has to always be in that order , first ‘Rajini’ , then ‘movie’. One has to view it through this tinted lens, which is shamelessly partial to the superstar. We can’t approach Jailer with the same scalpel used for the technical post mortem of say, an Openheimmer. With this background , let’s jump right in.

Project Jailer has no choice but to succeed for many different reasons. Superstar’s lukewarm Annathe and a strongly political Kaala, hardly left any memories of magic beyond the streak we saw last in Petta. Thalaivar needs to get the mojo back to the big screen this time, lest he gets branded by woke gen Z as a tired ‘been there’ clinging onto ‘once a stardom’. 3film-old director Nelson, after first 2 masterpieces, crumbled under Vijay’s weight
In disappointing Beast , needed a redemption to prove he could handle big stars and still make it his trademark directorial. The only way he could redeem a Thalapathy blunder is by the one thing bigger- Superstar himself.

Jailer in that sense, works for both of them. It remains a Brand Nelson directorial with black comedy threaded throughout the movie, while still giving the superstar a showcase to put up his stylish best for the fans to feast on. Rajini’s flashes of great acting and composed comedy make this gory action block a rounded experience for all audience. When you think the screenplay might just lose steam and drop down in the first half., a gangsta Baasha bhai interval block pulls the movie up with a jolt, The second half is a full spread for the fans as the storyline and twisters keep you hooked.

Stylish Mohan Lal and Don Shivraj Kumar add worthy counterweights to balance regional collections in the southern states, while our Pushpa sunil strikes a funny chord for the Telugu audience. Jackie Shroff looks a bit worn out (but still a better performer than his son, but I digress.)

Vinayagam becomes the possessed devil he is and is spectacular as a worthy foe., a strong villain which we missed in the recent few Rajini movies.

Anirudh carries this movie on his brilliant BGM tsunami covering up any pits and puddles in the storyline with music befitting the superstar.

All in all, this is no Nolan’s Openheimmer nor is it Kamal’s Vikram, but it’s the ‘Rajini movie four gen of fans were waiting for �� first Rajini , then movie.

P.S :- if you’re still not sure, the best explanation I can leave you with is Super Subbu’s lyrics for the title song.

…Unga Appan whistle a kettaven…
Un maganum peranum., aattam Poda veppavan ..
Thalivaru kalathula superstaru da
Varamora odachida set aanavan
Thalamora kadakura hit aanavan
Alapparai kelapparom!
Thalaivar Nirantharam…
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Re: The Regional movies thread!


No offence to any Rajini fans or folks who liked the film, but in my view this is another wasted opportunity. I’m not going to fault Rajini here, he is widely regarded as a Director’s actor and he showed that even in recent films like Kabali. Personally, Kabali has been one of my favourite movies due to the fact it brought out the “actor” in Rajini along with his style and suaveness.

Well, where does Jailer get it wrong? Its the lack of depth in the movie. Everything feels like a montage of shots and stars. You have cameos by other south indian stalwarts, but apart from slow motion shots and the background score, there is nothing “meaty” enough for these stars! Second, Director Nelson has a pre-defined template, he wants to squeeze in his band of supporting actors and that is a huge issue. Just because actors like Kingsley and VTV Ganesh brought in some laughs in his earlier movies, you dont have to force fit them here.

Jailer is an entertaining film, no doubt, I didnt get bored, but there was nothing remotely “wow”! I mean, the whole movie cannot piggyback on background score and slow motion shots of Rajini alone, right? Just lacked substance, felt very superficial and shallow through and through.

Is it going to be a blockbuster? Yes, surely, no doubt! I mean when movies like KGF and RRR have made ridiculous amount of money, then you cannot fault Jailer for doing so!

Am I disappointed? Nope, I didn’t expect Director Nelson to do anything better, this is his style of filmmaking. If it makes money, its good for everyone involved in the process. But as a Tamil Cinema fan, there is a desire to see Rajini in a more intense role ( Kabali nearly got that done!), maybe Lokesh Kanagaraj would make something slick and intense or even Rajini’s next with the Jai Bhim director could spring a pleasant surprise!

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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Originally Posted by motorworks View Post
Jailer is an entertaining film, no doubt, I didnt get bored
Sometimes, a movie need to be just an entertainer. Some 2+ hours of uninterrupted entertainment. With OTT and other digital advancements, it is only these kind of loud movies that can shake the theatres. Honestly, it is after so many years I felt the real experience of watching a movie in theatre.
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Re: The Regional movies thread!

Originally Posted by myavu View Post
Attachment 2489072

Neymar - 4/5 (Hotstar)

Beautiful movie about friendship and unconditional love for pets
We watched this over the weekend as a family movie session and thoroughly enjoyed it. Going into the movie with 0 expectations made for an enjoyable experience. I felt there were some parts that were a bit drawn out, but overall the movie made up for whatever little shortcomings it may have.

Great camaraderie among the cast, almost felt like the simple, small-town stories that Malayalam cinema was known for, before star power made it's way to this industry as well.
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