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oh man...brazil are out...
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OH YESSSS!!!!! BRAZIL is O-U-T ...... yipppeeee.... I guess I should start believing history. Awesome Henry. Fantastic Zizou and great Ribery and Sangol.
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Nooooooooooo Brazil OUT , Now where is that guy called Khaadu i told you not to support Brazil.... you are to be blamed for this...
This done, there goes my interest in WC... where are the guys ( whose WC dreams are over ) partying.... would want to join in...

Credit should be given to the French though.... played well... Brazil, the way they played today, just didnt deserve to win the match...

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oh man
brazil out!
Now Germany are the fav to win the cup
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Brazil is out. Didnt deserve to be in here.

Look at their game. France comepletely outplayed them. didnt give Brazil a chance to recover.
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Originally Posted by khaadu75
khaaaaaaaaadu! :WTF:
Man, stop watching the world cup!
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The French rock. Good work.
I think Germany has a pretty good chance to pull this one off.
Go Germany go!!!
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me stunned! Brazil out! damn! Germany gonna rule! Gut
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It is nothing but a repeat of a final where French won 3-1 against Brazil.It looks that Brazilians learnt nothing from that game and when I saw 5-4-1 combo immidiately I told my brother that France will kill forwards of Brazil once again and they may win this match.
Why they failed to score?Bcoz----
There was absolute no attack from their RIGHT WING and Roberto Calos etc..were busy pushing the ball only in the left wing(See the highlights)in the 2nd half.To break 5-4-1 army of France one has to shift the ball in both wings near the goal post,an old rule.
The way Lion made exit was a moment to watch..No faltoo bakbak,no faltoo tears.Just 24 hrs back Ronaldinho said that they dont want to be at 2nd place,either championship or out before it and that is the true spirit of world champions.I know we all love Brazil(Me too)but the way France played it was a fun to watch.Full marks to Genius Thierry Henry and vintage wisky Zidane,what a player he is!! Superman Zidane world salutes you.
FInally see a quote fm French coach RaymondDomenech,will tell the whole story in short to us!! "
We had an overall strategy for playing against Brazil, as well as individual plans for dealing with their players".
Excellent match that was and we will surely miss Brazil from now on..bye bye King and well done France.
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brazil never played their best because they have all "oldy" heads no young blood. they survived against weak teams to reach the quart
i always stood by Germany and will but seeing France play yesterday especially Zidane it can be quite a performance for the finals.

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The whole startegy of the Brazilian coach was wrong. He starts with Ronaldinho as a striking partner of Ronaldo ...*** ...there was no creativity in the midfield with Ronaldinho being missed as a playmaker. Later on after the French scored when Robinho came in and Ronaldinho went back to playing the playmaker ...the moves came in waves and the samba rhythm was back..but alas too late....

Zidane was outstanding again..this bugger comes out of retirement and plays like this ...awesome.

Now Germany are favs - Italians are defensive and dangerous ....French on a roll and Portugal are absolutely unpredictable..

Who would you choose but who would you want in the finals ?

I choose Germany and France but I want Germany and Portugal.
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Ummmm......ECM? France won 3-0 in that last match against brazil. Mwahahahahaha! brazils out! Yeah! How many france supporters out there?
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Originally Posted by TributE
How many france supporters out there?
If they get to the finals, I will support them. Else, it's Portugal for me.
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Italy all the way!!

As long as Khaadu doesn't back them that it!
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After Brazil.... my second favorite to lift the cup is Portugal.
Looks like Scolari's boys will fight back with Deco back in playing 11.
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