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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Title: Skyscraper (2018)
Platform: Jio Cinema
My Rating: 2.5/5 (okay.. I'll be generous and give it a 3/5 )

The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)-9e89b3ad6cd04c3da96e33e7d94dc5a5.jpg

Skyscraper is Die Hard (the Nakatomi Plaza) on steroids, with the usual smattering of cliches thrown in for good measure.
  • Bald Lead Actor who wants to protect his family - Check
  • Villain with a thick European Accent - Check
  • Some Chinese martial arts for added "haiiyeeahhh"- Check
  • A Super tall building on fire - Check
  • Some stunts that involve ropes giving away while the lead actor is hanging on for dear life - Check
  • Fast paced Computer hacking with Admin access to everything - Check
  • A lot of other very "oh so clichced" dialogues - Check
The only thing that separates this from Die Hard is the typical Americal Culture portrayal with a generous Christmasy theme, thats been replaced by a dollop of of Chinese errhmm...."stuff", for the lack of a better word.

Overall, I'd say its a nice, very typical, run of the mill action thriller with Dwayne Johnson doing his usual stuff, and pulling it off nicely. Watchable for the action sequences and edge of the building cliffhangers. If you have nothing else to do on a lazy evening after finishing off with work, and just feel like popping some corn and crashing on the sofa for a weak dose of action, this should be on your watchlist.

Die Hard was a real classic; this one is a cheap Chinese knock off - but works as intended.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Originally Posted by motorworks View Post
Heart of Stone on Netflix —1/5.

How can Netflix end up making such movies over and over again? Hollywood has lost it! I mean, how can you rehash the same plot about spies?

Hollywood had this fascination about Spies and missing nuclear warheads, Bad Russians etc and now instead of nuclear warheads, it’s some Artificial intelligence tool that everyone is after! Throw in some exotic European locations, car chase thru some narrow european cities, and voila, we have another silly film!
Completely go with your rating. Movie was very similar to Amazon series Citadel.

The actions were just bland for an action movie. I fast forwarded through most of it.
And the premise was just pathetic. You have a palm sized Super computer and you don't have a backup??? Entire story line was predictable.

Originally Posted by motorworks View Post
I don’t know the intention behind casting Alia Bhatt, maybe some honchos in Netflix thought that they have to increase market share in India so they now find it mandatory to include some indian stars ( they had Dhanush in the Gray man), but Alia bhatt only adds to the very shallow, predictable and boring movie that Netflix should have never ever produced!
Dhanush had a better story line and some good actions. And there was news that, his character will get a spin-off series/movie.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

The Forest (2016, Netflix)

"A young woman's desperate search for her twin sister brings her to a ghost-filled stretch of wilderness known as the 'Suicide Forest."

With a sub 5 rating on imdb, I should have avoided this, but the premise of the story made me want to watch it. Always been morbidly thoughtful about the suicide forest in Japan.

As far as the movie went, the 4.8 rating is justified.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

US Release Date: December 25, 2023
Starring: Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey, Shailene Woodley, Penélope Cruz
Director: Michael Mann
Written by Troy Kennedy Martin

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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

One of the reasons fans love(d) Marvel movies is the post-credit scenes that showcased what will come in following movies.

Well, one of the best Hollywood sci-fi movies, the first Terminator movie released over 40 years ago had a post-credit scene that set the basis for the even more famous sequel and subsequently following sequels. Pity they deleted this scene and didn't show in the original movie. Thankfully they did reference to this scene in the 2nd movie for sure.

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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

No Hard Feelings:

Extremely predictable and not sure why it has such high ratings.

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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Watched this intriguing, nice movie - The Violent Heart (2020)

This movie seems to be largely unknown, with no gimmiks or graphics, just interesting thriller movie, after a long time.
Should be actually rated better than 6.1
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

I recently watched a Pierce Brosnan film on the Thugees in India, made in 1988 which I really enjoyed.

The Deceivers

The Thugees were a HUGE menace in India and would way lay travellers. A cult that owed allegiance Kalki, they have literally killed millions of people. They would join caravans as travellers and after weeks and many times months of travelling with the caravans and gaining peoples trust, they’d kill people using wire or cloth.

One of the greatest contributions of the British - stamping out the Thugee tribe and also going all out against sati.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Another weekend, another random horror movie...

Antlers: (2021)

"In an isolated Oregon town, a middle-school teacher and her sheriff brother become embroiled with her enigmatic student, whose dark secrets lead to terrifying encounters with an ancestral creature."

Nice gloomy cold atmosphere and it really helps to set the tone for the movie. Predictable at most times, it was still a decent watch.

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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Watched Gran Turismo today with family in theater. It is a good one to watch and I would rate 4/5 (some dramatic elements could have been avoided).
The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)-gran_turismo695627595large.jpg
A fast pace movie that can make kids exciting till end. The film is based on true story of Jann Mardenborough who is a British race driver and it is claimed that the racing stunts were performed by Jann Mardenborough himself.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

The Nun 2 - Theater

The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)-screenshot-20230910-8.30.16-am.png

Sharing a decent poster since all others are a bit scary and non horror fans wont appreciate it .

I generally dont miss out watching horror movies on the big screen especially the ones from the conjuring universe. The theater was full (generally don't see that here) this time.

Coming to the movie, the first half was a bit slow and Valak was introduced in a hurry. Nun 1 had one of the best introductions of an evil character combined with the BGM. Well, Nun 2 lacked that. The second half focussed on "something" else (can be a spoiler so not disclosing) and this time (2nd half) Valak was mostly CGI.

Of course you have the occasional jump scares, but nothing major (Usually I notice the crowd reacting to it for other horror movies, but in this it was just for one scene. Shows the jump scares weren't that effective). Having said that, couple of them were really good as they build the tension.

Not the best from the conjuring series but a decent watch (OTT). Watch out for the end credits - conjuring fans will definitely know it's coming.

Rating - 3/5
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Talk to me (2022)

"When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces."

Was on ok watch. In my opinion not really worth the 7.3/10 rating on imdb.

Would rate it a 3/5 at the most.

Movie was a bit different but overall nothing really spooky and the sudden violence really surprises you.

Good concept but overall nothing exciting.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

Just watched "The Outfit" on Netflix.

This took me by surprise as I wasn't expecting it to be this brilliant.
Its quite a suspense thriller and quite rare and unique storyline. An easy 5/5.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

"Get Out"

OTT : Peacock

Rating : 4/5

Happened to stumble on to this movie when growing Peacock content.

This is a nicely made low budget movie that grossed 50X times of its budget and was one of the top grossing movies of 2017. And, also has a crazy rating of 98% on rotten tomatoes.

It's a thriller cum horror movie with racism as background theme. Black Guy and White girlfriend is not so unique these days but, what happens when she takes him to meet her parents on a weekend to their secluded home in the woods is the crux of the story.

Pretty interesting right from the beginning and thankfully not a long movie at 1:30 hours and, will keep the viewers engrossed and rooting for the hero to get out of a situation he never envisaged.

Thriller lovers should like this movie.
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Re: The English Movies Thread (No Spoilers Please)

A Haunting in Venice

I enjoyed the movie. Loosely based on one of the Agatha Christie novels, thought not very faithful to it. Movie has great atmosphere and great visuals. Predictable and slow-paced, but somehow I'm enjoying these Kenneth Branagh adaptations of the Christie novels, mainly for the great visualizations of the period and locations they are set in. (Still can't picture anyone else but David Suchet for the role of Poirot though, he really made that role his own!)

But honestly, overall the movie is just passable. Avoid, if not a Christie fan, could be boring otherwise.
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