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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by 4x4addict View Post
Can yo define "hit"? Sales numbers? What do you think will monthly sales numbers in India from next year?

The hated 50 plus lakh Fortuner sells over 1000 pieces a month. I doubt Jimny will sell more than 300 a month after the hype.

It is an excellent but niche vehicle and only for those who can afford to plonk down over 15 lakh for a recreational second vehicle.
Maruti Suzuki pricing the Jimny as such indicates it is not after the volumes as we expect the norm as set by them. Here is the numbers expected in terms of monthly volumes in the pricing as announced.

Maruti Jimny Review-screenshot-20230608-131020.png
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Maruti Jimny pricelist received from a Nexa dealership, Mangalore.

Maruti Jimny Review-img20230608wa0024.jpg
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

A few bits from an old(ish??) man with a nice badroader in the garage.
1. Jimny is ergonomically much better sorted than the Thar.
2. The small size is an advantage on narrow trails and mountain roads.
3. Non turbo engine, old school 4spd AT and minimum electronics will mean more reliability when bashing it over trails and off-road.
4. 4 doors & options of 6 airbags will make it difficult for SWMBO to object.
5. Ideal for pottering around our congested city roads and weekends in the nearby hills.
6. It just will not be suitable for long distance road trips.

It would have been an ideal replacement for my Santro. But unfortunately my parents will find it impossible to climb into that rear seat. And I am not exactly having excess 2000 Rs. notes or for than manner any cash to splurge.
So I will continue to plod on with my 2 15 yrs + cars for another 4 years.

Maruti Jimny Review-077-top-embarkment-showing-wheel-lift.jpg
The bare bones 4 spd AT box on the GV did its job well in offroading.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Jimny is no wonder a terrific car when one factors in it's depth of capabilities. It is just the right package meant for the adventurous and restless at heart. I hope it was priced atleast a lakh cheaper though. MSIL got carried away with it's pricing IMO.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Frankly speaking Jimny when I looked at it gave me a Vibe of a beefed up S Presso. Definitely not worth the Money. I will be in the market in 2 years from now. I was anyway circumspect about a Maruti. Now it is completely Out of contention for me.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

With the disappointing prices for Jimny & the mass cancellations, I wont be surprised if MSL pulls the plug for Jimny after a few months and claims that Indian buyers don't appreciate global products (except for the 5 door modification). The least they could have done was to price it slightly lower and tag 'introductory prices' and then look at the uptake.
Likely to remain a niche products & not likely to hit the monthly targets MSL is targeting - 3000/4000 from just niche segment buyers.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Here’s a contrarian take. I think even at the current pricing it will sell. At least until the 5 door Thar comes to market.
The one thing the Jimny offers is 4 doors, and we are in a market that prefers 4 doors to 2 any day if the week. Even if the car is smaller from the inside. Also let’s not forget that being narrower, means it will help greatly in those places with incredibly tight and narrow mountain roads. Especially up north.

That being said, Maruti should have priced it lower. However I don’t think it’s DOA. This is a lifestyle vehicle, people are a bit less price sensitive in this niche than they are in other segments.

Definitely intrigued to see how the sales numbers look a few months down the road.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Looong time listener, first time caller!
Been on this thread for a while and must admit the seeds of doubt have been sown.
That being said, AM STILL CONSIDERING the Jimmy platform as a foundation to start my/our overland journey in India, having used other “bigger” vehicles and platforms, the Jimmy still promises to be an excellent blank canvas to “kit” specifically for Indian roads and conditions.
Pricing aside, waiting for a TD and some detailed power/weight/dimensions to start a justification and decision making process.
Muchos Gracias 🙏🏽 for thoughts and feedback in advance.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by Jimmyjimmyaaja View Post
woah nice, is that the Titanium edition and where did you order this from?
Hey i've not booked Jimny nor intend to. That was a WA forward in one of the 4*4 groups and have no idea where it was ordered from. I just wanted to say that the mod game has kicked off, in true 4*4 style.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by Sherlocked View Post
Walkaround video of Jimny Zeta in Bluish Black color. God, it's tempting!
Those steelies look macho.
The steel wheels look similar to the ones I got on my S cross 1.6 delta.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

For the Indian market, the pricing would have been similar or a bit lower compared to THAR. After all, THAR is a THAR !!!

But "kitna deti hai", maruti ASS & reliability, petrol (15 yrs), and 5-seater, would attract few customers !!!
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

On road prices in Trivandrum.
Maruti Jimny Review-img20230608wa0012.jpg

Drive on,
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

for the Hyderabad folks. Just got the OTR price list from my RM. Hold your hearts tight :P
Attached Thumbnails
Maruti Jimny Review-price-list-08062023.jpg  

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by swami69 View Post
I am not ashamed to state that I am reconsidering my decision to cancel the Jimny booking. Yes, I was about to cancel yesterday after the price reveal. Then, took a couple of steps back, took in some very fair comments here in this thread in justifying a Jimny. As mentioned earlier, I still feel, I would have been happier if it was priced 1L less across variants, but in reality it is not.
For a "special" enthusiast's car, 1-lakh rupees is nothing. Trust me, after 10 years of owning an enthusiast car, you will remember this....not the 1-lakh extra you paid:
Maruti Jimny Review-1.jpg

Maruti Jimny Review-2.jpg

Maruti Jimny Review-3.jpg

Maruti Jimny Review-4.jpg

The Thar 4x4 costs 20-lakhs on the road for the fully-loaded convertible / hard-top in Mumbai. To me, that is also overpriced by 2 lakhs, if not more. But ask me if I regret it? Not one bit. For all of my pre-worshipped cars, I have always bought pristine examples that I paid extra for (between 1 - 3 lakhs). Trust me, as you build memories with the car, you won't even think about that little premium you paid.

1-lakh for a car you really want shouldn't be a deal-breaker for any car enthusiast. I'd rather spend one-lakh on a car I love than:

- A smartphone

- A new laptop

- An iPad

If you keep the car for 10 years - as most BHPians do - it works out to just 10,000 bucks extra per year. Or Rs 833 / month. Comparable to the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription.

Tomorrow, when you buy even a lukewarm fast sedan, the tyres alone will cost you 60k - 70k (that's what I paid for the Civic's Michelin Pilot Sports a decade ago). I reiterate, 100K is nothing if you really love the car. Especially when all direct competitors are more expensive / relatively overpriced too. Heck, Thar owners spend a lakh on after-market suspensions just to make the ride & handling liveable.

Go on and get the car of your dreams . Just be sure you can live with the imperfect nature of body-on-frame offroaders. Now, that would be the real deal-breaker (as I keep telling many potential Thar owners - THINK before you commit).

Don't overthink the price. All enthusiast cars are overpriced, from the Thar to Octavia vRS, and the Mini Cooper to C300d (which my childhood friend just bought based on my recommendation). In 2002, the City Vtec cost a whopping 1.7 lakhs more than the City 1.5 for merely 6 BHP more - I challenge anyone to find me one Vtec owner who regretted paying that premium (owners will instead tell you about the beauty of redlining @ 7100 rpm). If you have to, this is what you should spend your time on (especially the power, ride & handling, all of which same price crossovers will be better at):

Maruti Jimny Cons

• Small size doesn’t give it the presence of a Thar or Gurkha
• Unexciting 1.5L petrol engine with merely 103 BHP and 134 Nm. Don’t expect Maruti-esque fuel economy either (we saw high single-digit FE in our test-drive of the MT variant)
• Notchy 5-speed MT with a heavy clutch pedal. MT owners will find the footwell to be cramped
• Firm steering requires effort to operate. Vague on-road behaviour, weak return-to-centre action and wide 5.7 m turning radius
• Just a 4-seater (even legally). Not being able to carry 5 limits family-wise practicality
• Imperfect ride quality. Don’t expect road manners like a monocoque crossover, yet it is superior to the Thar’s bumpy ride
• 4-speed AT feels very old and outdated (has an “OD” button like in the ‘90s!). That being said, the gearbox has smooth shifts & proven reliability
• Missing features such as a sunroof, DRLs, rear A/C vents, auto wipers, TPMS, driver's seat height & lumbar adjustment, steering reach adjustment, auto-dimming IRVM, dead pedal…
• Boot space is just 208-liters; however, it is useable and more accommodating than the Thar’s. Disappointingly, the Jimny’s cabin has very few storage options & cubicles
• No soft-top convertible or 2-door options available. Forget about the joy of open-top cruising
• No diesel engine for those with high-running. The market still loves diesels in body-on-frame SUVs

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Maruti Suzuki pricing the Jimny as such indicates it is not after the volumes as we expect the norm as set by them. Here is the numbers expected
While I am personally disappointed with the pricing trend for the Fronx and Jimny, I am sure MSIL would have had a strategy in mind in 1st pricing the Fronx at a premium and then following this with the Jimny pricing a month later by using the Fronx pricing as a reference point.

Which product anchors which, only time will tell. But at these prices, both cars will target a niche for the time being and I d only have wished that MSIL hadn't hyped it as much as you would for a mass market product with all those showroom by showroom launches causing much disappointment in the end making a fool out of those who sat through one of those silly launch events.
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