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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by Dippy View Post
Will be interesting to see the waiting periods of the Jimny in the near future. Thar 4x4s are ready delivery currently.
Going by the posts this thread has garnered in the past few hours, it will be other way round . The Jimnys will be in the waiting now, for them to be picked up by the customers

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Just an alternate thought, we are comparing prices of 2 door Thar to 4 door Jimny. Mahindra will price the 4 door Thar atleast 80,000 to 1 lakh or more variant wise.
4 door is definitely more practical in Indian family setup, Maruti definitely knows their pricing strategy.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Honestly I am a bit disappointed with the Prices announced. I was expecting the Alpha AT to be onroad for around 16L.

However, I will not be impulsive and cancel my booking

I recently drove a Maruti Suzuki XL6 which has a similar Engine as Jimny for about 200Kms and was disappointed with the lack of pickup and power and will only consider buying a Jimny after a test drive.

I did some calculations for the on road prices for Mumbai and also for BH Registration and sharing it here.
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Maruti Jimny Review-price-calc.jpg  

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Value-for-money aside, I'm not sure if anyone has realized the fact that, at Rs 15.5L (on-road Chennai, according to CarWale) the Jimny Zeta MT is the most affordable new car with 4x4/AWD on sale in India right now. Previously, it was the Mahindra Thar AX(O) Petrol MT at Rs 17L. Yeah, I too wish the Jimny was a bit more accessible, say around Rs 12.5L on-road for the base model, but then prices are crazy across the market (We live in a time where a Fortuner costs Rs 50L).
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Maruti Jimny Review-affordable-4x4s-india.jpg  

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by KiranPatil View Post
Posting after a long time.

As a Gypsy user since last 8 years (Primary Car) I was more interested in Jimny than any other enthusiast here. I dreamt of Jimny when it was not even on cards of MSIL to launch here in India. Followed the Jimny news since first rumours till the grand launch day. I checked and booked the Jimny Alpha AT in January 23 anticipating MSIL will put justifiable price tag for the Jimny looking at the justifiable and competitive price tags from M&M.

After todays price reveal I felt like why did even I bet on MSIL knowing their price strategy. I am really heartbroken and it looks like all the Jimny dreams are shattered. As someone earlier said in this thread "Its not about affordability but about the principle of paying correct price for the right product."

Its absolutely overpriced (2L-3L) vehicle practically considering a 4 seater with a outdated gearbox, we would have managed with those disadvantages but sorry MSIL I cannot justify those amounts to myself forgot about my family members. I really feel sorry for many loyal customers like me. Best luck MSIL.

Cancelling my booking today, I will prefer to stick to Gypsy.

To Jimny:
lol same story here, I was waiting since 10 years or more since i saw the Jimny 3rd generation at the auto expo. I was in the process of quitting my job and move back to india. Wanted to travel across India in the Jimny with my small family, that was my level of intent to buy it. Now after the price reveal, reality hits me and my family talking me out of it. I think I'll just look for a used 2 door jimny somewhere in future, which are also way overpriced and weep quietly for a minute about my travel plans.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

There is absolutely no option available in India for the AWD+AT under 2 million price range. AWD Grand Vitara/ Hyryder in MT is only available model for 19 Lakhs OTR.

For 16 Lakhs (Zeta AT)/ 17 Lakhs (Alpha AT) OTR (Delhi -NCR), we are getting a full spec-ed Jimny 4x4 with rugged, abuse friendly AT which can also ferry small families with some comfort (better than Thar) and their luggage.

That's the deal- take it or leave it!

[Personally, I was prepared for 14.5 Lakhs ex-showroom, 16.5 Lakhs OTR maximum limit. Now I need to manage approx. 70k more.]

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Well it was hope against hope, but dear MSIL, all my flying ducks have flown the roost.

Maruti Jimny Review-daabdf87ba7f4b99a5c6a071fed1e600.jpeg
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Tried to cancel the booking for my Alpha AT on nexa website but it is not allowing me to do so. Error message shows we can not process your request at this time, please try after some time or contact the dealership.
Thank you Maruti
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Price comparison with off-road rivals.

Maruti Jimny Review-20230607_163222.jpg
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Here is the list showing where the Jimny variants sit within the MS line-up:

(Source: Cardekho)

Maruti Jimny Review-ms_cars_pricewise_jimny.jpg

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Prices are inflated by atleast 1.5 lakhs across all the variants. There are going to be two set of buyers now, one will be die hard Jimny fans who will use it as a proper 4x4 and irrespective of the prices and how many cars they already have they will still buy the Jimny.
The other set will be buyers who were looking for a second car or a replacement for their existing car and donít really need a car with 4x4 capability, they will be the set that will cancel and look at other cars which are much more spacious and feature rich compared to the Jimny.
Iím in a dilemma too, I was planning to sell my Scross 1.3 (6 year old) mainly because of the NCR 10 year rule on diesels. Now Iím thinking why not hold on to the Scross for a year more and let Maruti come to its senses. Going by the No. of cancellations I might just get a fat discount on the Jimny one year down the line.
Or should I bite the bullet?
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Jimny Alpha vs Zeta Essential Differences.

Alpha has;
Climate control
Cruise control
Push Button Start
LED Foglamps
Auto headlamps
Leather steering wheel wrap
Body colour bumpers
UV cut window glass
Dark Green Window Glass
Headlamp Washers

All variants have 6 AirBags. All variants also have Brake Limited Slip Differential which is very probably same as or similar to the Thar BLD.

The Single Colour Jimny is more interesting to me than the Dual Tone. But I dont really go ga-ga on all the colours on offer.

I would love a Zeta if it came with Cruise Control. Its the more VFM variant.

Bright White would have been nice, as would the Dark Green and Sand Beige.

The on road price for the Alpha AT single tone comes to 18.36 Lac in Bangalore and one can very easily end up spending a other lakh or two or so on desirable accessories, all of which are of a far better more international quality level and finesse level than the That ever could manage to create.

All in all it will be a nice but expensive little compact go anywhere at anytime, runabout.

As an aside if this is the pricing I wonder how the Armed Forces will take to it as per the rumours floating around.

Unless of course Maruti does a chop job on the roof and strips it of all electronics and frills and just gives an absolute basic vehicle to them at a cheap price.

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Originally Posted by aerohit View Post
Globally, the average price of Jimny 2 door is close to USD 20,000, so I am surprised why people were expecting it to be sold in India for USD 10,000
Hope you are aware we are not buying a product produced in Japan or Europe, this is an already existing but modified platform with more than 80% localisation?? And hope you have tasted the Suzuki products Vs MSIL produced, there is a stark difference right from fit and finish to metallurgy.

Originally Posted by lazy View Post
Am looking for a petrol 2nd car, AT, smallish and while at it fulfill a long cherished desire to own an adventurous type car.
You have waited, wait for few more months and you can get a proper 4 door butch Thar, even if it is priced more is worth it as a proper 4 door car. Jimny is a fun recreational vehicle.

Originally Posted by KiranPatil View Post
Cancelling my booking today, I will prefer to stick to Gypsy.

To Jimny:
Am pretty sure your Gypsy's market value also went up

Originally Posted by Bibendum90949 View Post
Dear Maruti, May you please take back the two doors which you built for 5 years and give me the 3 door Jimny at ₹ 3 lakhs lesser
Hit the nail on the head!! What a waste of time and money, atleast now wake up and sell that 3 door at a decent price for hardcore enthusiast.

Originally Posted by Turbojc View Post
Value-for-money aside, I'm not sure if anyone has realized the fact that,
(We live in a time where a Fortuner costs Rs 50L).
At the end of the day proof is in the pudding, would you put in your 18.5 Lakh and buy this car? I would not, though I am not very careful with my heart spends.. this does not even really tickle the heart with that engine, slush box and added weight of 4 door as a off-roader would have.

Originally Posted by shankar.balan View Post
As an aside if this is the pricing I wonder how the Armed Forces will take to it as per the rumours floating around.
Well it is just rumour after all, Army does have min load and people carrying as basic checklist, do you think Jimny would pass? Gypsy could with side bench and they did not have any options for petrol engined 4x4 at that time.

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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

Probably the only car from MSIL stable, which tempted me to put my money on. Thanks to the pricing, I am keeping away.

I guess Maruti got overwhelmed with the excitement and booking numbers to price it such, I am sure they shouldn't be surprised by the number of cancellations.
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Re: Maruti Jimny Review

The pricing may have taken off the allure, but the temptation still remains.

Here is the latest ad of the Jimny :

On a side note, the "Never Turn Back" hashtag now feels more like an appeal for customers who had booked to not cancel the bookings
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