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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Reporting on a short drive in the snow. (Am I the first one here?).
Dt. 14/11/22, 0730 hrs. Z8L D AT 4x4.

Drove up from Naggar (HP) towards the Atal Tunnel, with an intent to cross over for a day-trip to Sissu. Accompanying me was my 91 year old dad with a triple bypass and multiple angioplasties in the proverbial rear view mirror.

It started snowing soon after crossing the Beas bridge at Manali. Light flurries quickly became heavier flakes as we gained altitude. Crossed Solang without turning on the Terrain Mode, but within a few minutes the snow was a few inches thick on both sides of the road. Some vehicles coming downhill advised us to turn back as the Atal Tunnel was being closed down temporarily, due to much heavier precipitation in the upper reaches (and beyond, into Lahaul).

Undeterred, and wanting to test the 4x4 capabilities of the "Green Goblin", we proceeded further uphill (upto the place where the tourists rent ATVs and Snowmobiles for their fun and games. Luckily, it was early morning, and the news still hadn't filtered down to the honeymooners (and disco boys) in Manali. That's where I turned the dial to the snow mode. and drove on for another 2-3 kms, upto a point where a Himachal Roadways bus driver coming down in the opposite direction told us the tunnel was closed and there was heavy snow ahead.

Disappointed, but nonetheless happy to have been able to test out the 4x4 (High) on the ScorpN, we descended - keeping all wheels engaged till the slush lasted - there was a fair amount of tourist traffic, both local taxis as well as Kias, Hondas, Toyotas and Suzukis headed uphill, with some struggling to grip the road, which by now had patches of semi-black ice.

Coming to car's performance, am happy to report that it matched expectations with 4WH engaged. The vehicle was rock stable on both ascent and descent, with no skids at all (I was driving defensively on the downhill stretch because some idiots were zig-zagging across the road in their 2WDs in the opposite direction.

Will make another attempt tomorrow to cross the tunnel tomorrow, weather permitting, of course. Some random pix attached.
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_4670.jpg  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_4683.jpg  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_4682.jpg  

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-img_4718.jpg  

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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by scorpion143 View Post
Does it void any warranty?
Yes it surely voids all warranty related to the rear seat and I’m sure if anything else goes wrong in the vehicle which can be even remotely linked to this modification/alteration Mahindra will consider the warranty as void. And not only that, since this is not a RTO approved modification, legally, RTO/MVD can also take action if they want to.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by zenmaster666 View Post
Reporting on a short drive in the snow. (Am I the first one here?).
Dt. 14/11/22, 0730 hrs. Z8L D AT 4x4.
I guess Manali is under a thick blanket of snow today according to TeamBhipan Aditya (from his YouTube channel shorts). Shall be waiting for some more reports how the Scorpio N Diesel is performing under this condition. I could see few more videos on snow drive in Scorpio N RWD, and no Diesel/ DEF related issue was reported.

Take all precautions please.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by acquillew View Post



So, my car has now completed 2500 km and I thought I will update this thread with what I have noticed so far. Dividing the thread into different sections for ease of reading.
Thank you for the update. This is reassuring for those of us awaiting our ride. Also request other owners to share their experiences.

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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Since, the 1st Service of my Scorpio-N AT 4WD was done in early October, the ‘Service action’ generated from M&M side was not done on my vehicle. When I learnt that M&M been asking the Service centers to add some servicing points during the 1st service of Scorpio-Ns later in October, I contacted the Service Manager to check whether any recall is pending for my vehicle as well. So, after his confirmation I sent my vehicle to the service center and the following action were taken as per the invoice:

2nd Row Seat Tumble Operation Rectify
Check Nox Sensor Newp Hose Clamps Fitment
2nd Row Seat Tumble Operation Inspect
Body Mountings Bolt Torquing
Strg I Shaft Mtg Bolts Lower Retorquing
Strg I Shaft Mtg Bolts Lwr Remove N install

I am not sure whether Mahindra is recalling the vehicles or silently rectifying the issues during 1st Service, hence, all the Scorpio-N owners who got their vehicle serviced in 1st Week of October may check with the Service Centre for these pending points to be done.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by zenmaster666 View Post
Hadn't even covered 25 km, before the entire unit detatched itself from the hood, flew onto the windscreen, hit the roof and then got mangled by a couple of trucks that were behind me. I was driving at 90 kmph (well within the speed limit on the EPE), but had no time to react before I noticed it was gone. Luckily there was no biker behind me! The pic here was taken a few minutes before the incident, and there's no sign of the sticky tape coming off at the edges. The double sided tape mostly remained on the bonnet after the "rip-off".
I had the same issue in my Thar. I was on the Lucknow - Agra expressway. To be honest I was driving much faster than 90 kmph . The reason for this is the bad quality of the double sided tape used in the product. After reaching Delhi I bought another bug deflector and first thing I did was change the double sided tape to an original 3m one. Things have been perfect since then. I have driven the vehicle around 12k kms after that. MAHINDRA SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THE THIS QUALITY ISSUE!
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by er_sb_blogs View Post
Here is my first 3 months of experience being in Mahindra ecosystem and in the waiting list of their most rated SUV - Scorpio-N

My current car is 2014 model VW Polo Petrol 1.2 MPI Highline.

Mahindra Scorpio-N booking details:
Attachment 2370041
Price: Introductory pricing applicable

Conclusion: I have not planned to cancel my Scorpio-N booking yet but I have definitely started considering nearby options where I can achieve a better buy for such costly products.

Your thoughts is very valid as paying such huge premium and compromise on quality is not fair.
What options have you narrowed down would be interesting to review as after reading the thread i am having a rethink about my booking of scorpio N Z6 Diesel MT without the advantage of price protection as well.

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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by TEJSINGH View Post
Update about the suspension/ sterring khatak khatak issue.

Firstly, it's a random issue and prevelant in all versions irrespective of 4WD.

Secondly, if you think something is going to be done and this be resolved, sad answer is, NO.

Has your issue been resolved?

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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by krinpit View Post
I have compiled the niggles reported so far and hope that this will be a living document. The idea is to have an ongoing summary of all reported/resolved issues.

So far, the steering sensitivity / katak-katak issue has been reported widely.

Attachment 2363576
Thanks for putting this list together. Few other observations from my side

There was a noise coming from the rear of my vehicle when going over heavy bumps. Workshop tried everything (including the torqueing advices) and then contacted the plant team. They kept the car for a day at workshop and changed the rear suspension bushes - now the noise is gone. I am still monitoring as its been only 2 days since the car came back.

During this time, I was closely following up with the service manager of the workshop and he hinted that there "could" be a recall to sort out the steering rack issues. I also understood that Mahindra team started working on reducing weight - I was told that this is in relation to KMPL.

There still is some irritating minor wind noise coming from driver side B-Pillar. Workshop says its resolved and I am keeping my ears open to see if its really gone.

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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Originally Posted by atluri_rkc View Post
I also understood that Mahindra team started working on reducing weight - I was told that this is in relation to KMPL
The vehicles (both diesel and petrol) are giving excellent mileage to begin with.
Does that mean that it will even get better?

Mahindra seems to be pulling an AMD here. Metaphorically speaking, provide absolutely first class hardware but average software and then keep making it better through updates.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

I have so far driven about 800kms and the only issue I'm facing is with wireless Android auto not connecting intermittently. When I start the vehicle, sometimes Android auto starts and works flawlessly. Most times though, it will not start and then there's no way to start it - have tried switching Bluetooth on off etc. One sure way to start it, is to remove the phone from list of added devices and then add it back - it take a lot of time to do it, so it's not a permanent solution.

I'm not sure if this is a phone specific issue. Does anyone else have this? Of course, Alexa not working is another story but I don't use Alexa much so that doesn't affect me.
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The Tale of Bagheera — An ode to the Mahindra Scorpio

Hello everyone,
I am creating this post to tell the story about how my love for cars started and especially how the Mahindra Scorpio holds a key place in that & now that I am finally a proud owner of one after dreaming for it for almost 2 decades I felt it is the best time to pen down the journey that was just surreal.

Where the story all began..

2003 Scorpio

So like most of us here, I have been into cars ever since I was a very young kid and just like every car guy I too have that one car that got me reeled into the beautiful world of cars and for me it was the Mahindra Scorpio—I know it sounds odd as most others used to fanboy for the usual poster cars from the yesteryears like the Murci or the 360 Modena and don’t get me wrong, I was truly a fan of those too, but it was just something about the Scorpio that spoke to me, I still remember the first time I saw a Scorpio, it was circa 2003, when my father’s very near and dear friend (he is also a great fan of the Scorpio moniker and has owned every generation of it at some point) who had recently opened a Mahindra workshop bought a Toreador Red Scorpio. It was the first time I laid my eyes on a Scorpio and boy was I hooked, I remember the sheen of the beautiful Maroon shade (this is from where my love for Maroon cars can be traced back, I have owned a 2010 Fire Brick Red Wagon R & a 2020 Auburn Red XL6, both of which were in great shades of Maroon) and the sheer imposing presence the Scorpio carried and back in the early 00’s there was nothing like this on the roads, everything used to look like small matchboxes when parked next to this behemoth. I remember the first time I climbed into the Scorpio, as a kid it felt like summiting a mountain, I remember the beautiful interiors and massive width of the dashboard, I absolutely loved the grab handle for the front passenger, it added so much further character to the SUV, we used to own an Alto VXi 1.1 back in those days (that unicorn deserves a post on itself, but some other day) and coming from that, the Scorpio felt like a tank. Over the course of many years I traveled a lot in this Scorpio, it was the very reason my love for cars grew and I used to be so excited to visit the workshop as I used to get to see so many Scorpio’s in the same place and that was heaven to me, I literally had a scale model collection of Scorpio’s in all the shades, no matter how old I get and how many cars come and go, but for me that Toreador Red Scorpio will hold the most value as for me that will be the car that made it all happen.

Name:  97435B60C9984B26A6AE5B3DAD6A4DAB.jpeg
Views: 832
Size:  84.5 KB
The Toreador Red Shade

Name:  7F17FC68C55F40F9B7999661493DF29A.jpeg
Views: 809
Size:  114.6 KB
The interiors of the 1st Generation Scorpio

Name:  AED3118B6F754F6D91791068E48DFAC9.jpeg
Views: 808
Size:  96.6 KB
Pre CRDe 2.6 Turbo engine of the 1st Generation Scorpio

2007 Scorpio

Fast forward 4 years and the same friend of my father’s had gotten the new facelifted Scorpio with the spanking brand new CRDe engine in the Diamond white shade. And in this car I traveled the most, both of our families traveled to the lengths and breaths of this country in that powerful yet elegant SUV. Even though I was still a kid with a lot to learn about cars but still the differences from the last gen to this one were clearly noticeable, the looks were so much enhanced, especially the hood scoop and long tail-lights and most importantly the little marks in the speedo which indicated the speed in MPH looked so cool! The engine and NVH were drastically improved but what was retained was the butch styling and the command that the SUV carried over all the cars around it. I also do fondly remember the advertisements that Mahindra used to run, the “nothing else will do” campaign was a great success and I remember how well the sales started rolling for the Scorpio after it.

Name:  E08FFC572CBD4208BEED289ACC833F49.jpeg
Views: 857
Size:  32.1 KB
The 2nd Generation facelift Scorpio

Name:  1E340A092A2041CB960D5B1B00C4C978.jpeg
Views: 853
Size:  49.9 KB
2nd Generation Scorpio Interiors

Name:  3C231A594B0841B1BAADE5BA61B5426F.jpeg
Views: 896
Size:  21.4 KB
Notice the MPH marker on the speedo

Name:  AFE5EE9FCFA2406BAE353BF1405CB9C1.jpeg
Views: 802
Size:  90.6 KB
The SZ CRDe 2.6 engine

2011 Scorpio

As you might have guessed, in the year 2011 the Diamond White Scorpio was upgraded with the “Mighty Muscular Scorpio” in the Fiery Black shade. The now famed mHawk 2.2 was mated with this iteration back in 2009. Although it didn’t have much more power over the CRDe one with merely a couple of BHP gain making 118 from the 116 but it did have the new Aluminium block and a functional hood-scoop to feed air to the top mounted intercooler. I remember the first time I climbed onto this gen, I was surprised by the gizmos right from the steering mounted controls to the cruise control and the HU was also very well equipped, although I was a bit sad, as the top VLX trim did not have the grab handle I loved in the previous gens, but at the same time it was for a good cause as it had an airbag module in its place which with the added benefit of ABS was a big deal for an Indian manufacturer to offer way back in 2009 when it was first launched. Although IMO the second gen looked the best in terms of exterior design as I feel the by the 3rd gen they overdid it with the front by making it too aggressive but all in all it was still a butch and handsome vehicle on the road. All these years, I tried to convince my father as a young car enthusiast to buy a Scorpio but for him, it was just too rudimentary and utilitarian as a product for his liking, but I kept my dream alive of buying a Scorpio one day, a dream that was still 11 years away.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-5b9758783b924293bacb71bb2a362c2f.jpeg
3rd Generation facelift Scorpio

Name:  08FF463267A74AC7A0024DE6F0449DAC.jpeg
Views: 828
Size:  63.5 KB
3rd Generation Scorpio Interiors with passenger side Airbag & Steering mounted controls

Name:  776F2A72C8514ED38195186A47EDFEDB.jpeg
Views: 841
Size:  65.1 KB
1st Generation mHawk 2.2 engine

Fast forward 11 years…

Like every Indian car enthusiast, I was too keenly watching and following the new Scorpio’s spy shots and the sprinkles of information that I was getting through Team-BHP and all over the internet, it looked so promising. Fast forward to 27th June after weeks of teasers; the new Scorpio christened as the ScorpioN is launched. And I must tell you, I was swept away again! It looked so good and I instantly booked a test drive and informed my known associates at the dealership to send a vehicle at my home for a test drive as soon as the vehicle arrives and within a few days it did, I still remember when I saw the ScorpioN for the first time prancing like a panther coming towards me, I was taken back 19 years when I first saw the original one. And at that moment; even before test driving the vehicle, I knew I wanted it. And after a few test drives and a lot of convincing my family approved of the new ScorpioN because of its improved quality and finally the option of a petrol engine again but this time not a Renault sourced one but the mStallion which is a gem of an engine as well, I was given the green signal. And like everyone who booked on day 1, I was glued to the screen too and managed to book one in the first 10 seconds but was hit with Bad Payment Gateway error and it only got through after 10 minutes. Although I didn’t get price protection first but was shifted to it later on.

2022 ScorpioN

My ScorpioN—which I have christened as Bagheera because the first time I saw the ScorpioN it reminded me of a panther and that makes my Napoli Black one a black panther, thus the name; arrived at the dealership on the 20th of September and from what I’m told it was the first billed and dispatched Petrol MT 6 seater Z8L that left from Chakan because it is an extremely rare combination to book as most people opt for the 7 seater. Anyway, I took delivery on the 4th of October because of it being an auspicious day, I was over the moon when I first saw my own ScorpioN! The kid in me was so proud and at the same time so happy that finally I could check off one thing from the list of things I wanted and dreamed of having as a child, it took almost 2 decades to come true but whenever I step onto my ScorpioN, I feel the rush of excitement and joy!

Key Takeaways

The car has done about 1800 KMs and with one service done at the time of writing this update. I have already posted a 1400 KMs review on this thread which you can check out. I’ll be adding my new key takeaways that I’ve noticed since here.
Originally Posted by Shrey1230 View Post
Mahindra Scorpio N 6 Seater Review
Driving Takeaways

1. The car is performing very well mechanically and surprisingly has not shown any software issues (for ex. Hill Hold error) or lags which is really good.

2. Took it out on the highway for a mild run and it gave me a very planted drive although the issue of the car fishtailing a bit is omnipresent, so one must be really cautious while driving over rumble strips or speedbreakers on high speed.

3. After almost 1800 KMs I’ve noticed that the gear slots are a bit choppy and not the smoothest, they need a bit of extra effort to slot into gears, although the shift-by-cable mechanism is far better than the archaic mounted-on-top mechanism which Mahindra was infamous for, but still it can use a bit more polishing up.

4. The fuel economy is extremely sensitive to user input as I’ve noticed even the slightest of aggressive or full throttle inputs makes the range and fuel economy tank instantly and it takes quite a while to climb up again.

5. The brakes can bite in extremely hard at times which makes the car stop with a jerk causing discomfort, I’ve noticed this issue is more frequent during the first drive of the day.

Comfort Takeaways

1. The SUV is very comfortable throughout and the driving seat really hugs the driver well, but I feel like it takes a while to find the ideal position to be comfortable in and the lack of memory function makes it a task everytime someone else drives the car or the seat is slid back to clean the mats.

2. The dual zone climate control is a boon, and it really does its job well, creates the perfect balance between both the zones for a pleasant drive.

3. Although the interface of AdrenoX is well designed, still the presence of CarPlay is sorely missed everyday and the bluetooth of this SUV is also very finicky and fails to connect at times.

4. The rear captain seats are very comfortable too but the omission of slide function can make it a tad bit uncomfortable if the person driving is tall and has adjusted their seat accordingly. Mid row leg space is less than the last generations and so is the head room for a tall person.

5. The last row direly needs split fold function, as one has to fold the whole seat everytime they have to carry something heavy and big as the seat’s back doesn’t feel strong enough to hold the weight even for short distances.

Positive Takeaways

1. Due to the proper upright SUV stance, the vehicle is really easy to manoeuvre in tight city spaces as the edges of the bonnet are visible and the blindspots are also very minimal which makes it a relief for the ones who’ll not have the front camera option in their variants.

2. The EPS unit is a boon, as it makes turning this behemoth in tight spaces quite easy and it also adds sufficient weight for higher speeds.

3. The rear AC is a chiller unit, Mahindra was not wrong when they heavily emphasised on the fact that the mid row will help cool the last row down too, having its own compressor unit does make it more efficient and powerful. But it also has a drawback which I’ll discuss in the negative takeaways section.

4. Insulation and damping is top notch and makes the cabin a really silent place to be in making long journeys easier for the mind and body.

5. Fuel economy is extremely surprising for a vehicle this size. I am getting 9-10 KMpL in city driving comfortably and the figure climbs upto 15 KMpL for highway drives. And I’m expecting a climb in fuel economy after the first oil change as well.

Negative Takeaways

1. The hood needs hydraulic struts! I have mentioned this in the review thread too and the hood is just too heavy for the puny bonnet rod to support and it causes a bulge from the inside on the skin of the hood.

2. The AC unit under the handrest eats onto the valuable storage space which is already quite less in the ScorpioN, much like in its earlier iterations. They should’ve given the vents on the pillar like in the XUV500.

3. The absence of CarPlay and the unreliable bluetooth connection makes the driving experience a bit poor.

4. The clutch has very long travel making it uncomfortable for people with shorter legs.

5. The AdrenoX app is very glitchy and I feel like it’s more of a gimmick than a feature as it doesn’t work half of the time and shows incorrect information too.

Final Thoughts

Although one might think that due to my history with the brand Scorpio that I might give a bias opinion, in that case one would be wrong. As much as the product holds an emotional value for me it is still a product that everyone will buy with their hard earned money and being a true petrolhead, even the new ScorpioN has been scrutinised by me. It is an extremely important product for Mahindra & Mahindra, as it’ll further help them cement their position as the dominant SUV maker and further help them expand their horizons by exporting the ScorpioN to the global markets.
For the Indian buyer, one can totally go for the versions on sale and soon the waiting times will drop too making it easier for one to get their vehicles sooner. And for the ones who are waiting for their ScorpioN’s to arrive, trust me, it is worth the wait! And the petrol version makes the most sense for the people living in the NCR. I am hoping that 2023 batch of the this SUV will be more sorted after as Mahindra is taking great care while listening to the feedback of new buyers.

Thank you for reading if you’ve made this far!
Attaching some photos of my Bagheera & also a very iconic photo which I took in the first week of owning the Scorpio N.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-117d0503d75c496681facaf172fec482.jpeg
All three Generations, All in Black.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-6fbfe28fcf344c8997e35d131227897b.jpeg
After the day of delivery

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-7e08dc580e2e4be98dbd5c7ff7682e0e.jpeg
I find this angle very imposing

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-e72c48c6e8fa40ddb02b3aa9c4a85cea.jpeg
The instrument cluster & MID looks cool at night

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-d943721764914e8b993f54bae93f8782.jpeg
Getting some solid fuel economy in city driving

Mahindra Scorpio-N Review-81fcd864a6eb417c9a2c22d6c5a93d8d.jpeg
Signing off with a photo of Bagheera after a quick wash and detail


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Re: What happened with your Mahindra Scorpio-N Booking?

Hi Team, have a quick question and I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask. Mods, feel free to delete or move this post.
Anyone from Bangalore knows where to get some good floor mats for Scorpio N or is there any online link that you can provide?
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Re: What happened with your Mahindra Scorpio-N Booking?

Originally Posted by fang2227 View Post
Anyone from Bangalore knows where to get some good floor mats for Scorpio N or is there any online link that you can provide?
I got mine (7D) from the dealer for 10K. This is also available at (Mahindra's official portal for accessories and auto parts). I saw a couple on Amazon too but there were either no reviews or bad ones so didn't take chance. If you can wait, go for a generic one and buy when there more/better/cheaper options available. Since I wanted to have them from day 1, I went with the dealer. Cheers!
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio-N Review

Congratulations on your Scorpio N. Wishing you many happy mile munching. It looks handsome.
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